AR Viewer

Like in Pokédex 3D, the AR Viewer is the main game aspect of Pokédex 3D. This viewer utilises the unique AR Marker which every Pokémon has and uses it as a frame of reference in order to put the Pokémon into the real world through the Nintendo 3DS camera. These AR Markers are given to you when you obtain the Pokémon and will require printing out by you using a printer.

In the AR Viewer, you can view your Pokémon in the real world. Using the 3DS, you can make them enact scenes and react to real life obstacles. As the AR markers are all unique, you can have multiple different species of Pokémon up on the screen at any time.. Using the A button, you can make the Pokémon animate and you can throw bait at them in order to get brilliant pictures which you can save to your SD card and share with your friends. In addition tot his, you can also free them in place by using the stopwatch function

Also, making a return from Pokédex 3D, there is the ability to bring in an image from your SD card and use that as a backdrop for the image. Finally, there's a scale feature where you can control the size of the Pokémon, or select it so all Pokémon on screen match their respective sizes, so Natu will be small compared to Wailord.

Unlike in Pokédex 3D, each of these features is freely accessible from the very beginning of your save file of Pokédex 3D Pro and don't require you to view Pokémon in the AR Viewer to access them.

New Features

Pokédex 3D Pro brings in some new features which bring up ranking values above the Pokémon heads where you can rank the Pokémon on screen by weight, height or stats.
It also features a Type Check mode where it throws an energy ball at the Pokémon of a certain type, and it lets you know whether or not the move is Super Effective or Not Very Effective on the Pokémon.