Here are the pre-release Pictures from Pokémon Ranch. Click the Link to view the picture:

A Female Mii walks through the Ranch
A Male Mii stands by Pikachu, Rapidash, Swalot, Gulpin and more
A Mii looks through the Ranch
2 Miis are sitting down
Pictures may be able to be taken with your Pokémon
The Mii walks with Pikachu
A Mii poses by Lopunny, Minun and Pikachu while a scuffle goes on
A Mii stands in the Ranch
A Map of the vicinity
Pikachu is petted
A circle round the bonfire
They enjoy the bonfire
Hayley sitting on Lapras
A Pikachu Swarm!
A Photo Opportunity!
Another Photo Opportunity!
A Box is placed in the Ranch!
More Pokémon follow suit!

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