Here are the pre-release images from Pokémon Rumble Blast. Click the Link to view the picture:

In the toy shop
Pikachu, Rattata, Tepig & Minccino
A massive confrontation between Pokémon
Victini fighting the boss; Zekrom
Pikachu being sent into battle
Taking out a Maractus in Battle Royale
Co-Op: Piplup & Charmander at the entrance
Co-Op: Taking out Sandile
Co-Op: Collecting fallen Pokémon
A Scraggy toy is found on StreetPass
Scraggy is a boss
Pokémon collected during one sitting
Snivy using Razor Leaf
Snivy using Razor Leaf
Oshawott being attacked by Emolga
Oshawott collecting coins
Changing Pokémon mid-game
Defeating a Tepig
Boss Zekrom Appears
Battle Royale Starts
Victini wins the Battle Royal
Two armies face down in Charge Battle
Moving on in Charge Battle
Zorua in the Battle Royale
Victini in the hub
Checking the Zoroark toy in the hub
Defeating Pignite
A Charge Battle in the snow
Switching to Snivy by a Ferris Wheel
Snivy attacking a flock of Ducklett
Snivy approaching a flock of Ducklett and Oshawott
Snivy attacking a flock of Ducklett
Scraggy attacking a Poochyena in a Battle Royale
Oshawott being sent in against some Tepig
Pikachu is attacking
Victini attacking Zekrom as Klang approaches
Blitzle in a Battle Royale
Paying for new moves in Toyland
Two teams collide in Charge Mode
Sending your team in Charge Mode
Two armies clash
Pikachu enters Toy Town
Cobalion looks at the tower
Victini attacks Minccino
Pikachu encounters Patrat in the dome
Snivy attacks while on a thin ledge
Inside a ghost house against Litwick
Pikachu attacks Victini
Battle Royale: Pignite Attacks
Team Battle: Pikachu Piplup & Snivy
Team Battle: Against Druddigon
Charge Mode: A Team moves on
Charge Mode: Scolipede's team
Co-Op; Pikachu & Oshawott
Co-Op; Pikachu & Oshawott
Co-Op; Against Leavanny
Steet Pass: In the Toy Shop
Latias VS Lugia
Lilligant attacks Mantyke
Milotic attacks
Team Battle: Haxorus attacks with its Fraxure wingmen
Charge Mode: A Pikachu Team VS A Patrat Team
Toy Town: Victini meets Vullab
Toy Town: Lillipup & Dewott
Toy Town: Swanna in the Battle Royale
Toy Town: Pokémon gather at the fountain
Meeting Palpitoad
Battle Royal: Axew Appears
Battle Royale: Scraggy Attacks
Battle Royale: Scraggy VS Serperior
Charge Battle: VS a Gigalith Team
Charge Battle: VS a Gigalith Team
Charge Battle: Raichu leads
Team Battle: Throh, Sawk & Darumaka are sent in
Team Battle: Throh, Sawk & Darumaka tower and win
Team Battle: Throh, Sawk & Darumaka start a level
Team Battle: Throh, Sawk & Darumaka face Tropius
Boss Pignite
Boss Pignite attacks
Boss Pignite is obtained
Oshawott enters the Forest
Oshawott enters the Beach
Oshawott enters the Cape
Entering Toy Town
Patrat is found
Getting a Pokémon
Raichu in an ice
In a cave
Pokémon leave Toy Town
Tepig has a special ability
Giving Munna the password
Team Battle: Facing some ice Pokémon
Co-Op Mode: Fighting in the desert
Battle Royale: Facing against some Scrafty
Team Battle: Versus Zorua
Team Battle: Versus Zoroark
Charizard uses Fire Blast
Braviary attacks
Battle Royale: Water-types Only!
Battle Royale: The enemies are all asleep
Battle Royale: Pansage sending out some vines
Team Battle: Paras awaits when entering Team Battle
Team Battle: A Sunflora Appears
Team Battle: Boss Bisharp appears
Team Battle: Fighting Bisharp
Charge Battle: Boldore's Team Charges!
Charge Battle: Hitting maximum charging capacity
Charge Battle: Excadrill's team comes to battle
Charge Battle: Gigalith's Team Appears