Unlike the previous games, Pokémon Rumble U has multiple items that will appear randomly in combat. These items are beneficial for you, often either being dropped by an enemy, or by a Magnemite who will come in and drop it somewhere on the stages. The following is a list of the items

Picture Item Name Function
Heal Candy Heals yourself and all ally Pokémon within a short radius by 50% of maximum Hit Points
Major Heal Candy Heals yourself and all ally Pokémon within a large radius by 50% of maximum Hit Points
Grab Bag Takes a random amount of Money from your allies and gives it to you
Big Key Causes you to grow to giant size. Doubles Attack
Assembly Horn Calls all your ally Pokémon to your current position
Firework Brings in four more ally Pokémon from your reserves
Random Boost Key Will give you a key which will boost one of your stats i.e. Attack, Defense, Speed, for a short period
Master Capsule When thrown, if it hits a Pokémon, it causes damage and will guarantee that you can capture that Pokémon
Vaccuum Sucks in all items within a significant radius to the holder
Stopwatch Temporarily freezes the opponents
Trap Has an upside-down coin to lure in Pokémon. It prevents them from moving for a short amount of time
Spotlight Places a spotlight over the Pokémon. All enemy Pokémon will move towards and attack the holder
Dice Dropped on the ground, it has 15 seconds before it activates, allowing for destruction or manipulation. Once the time is up, a special effect occurs
  1. All your allies team up and become a tower, controlled by the bottom player
  2. The whole level becomes darkened for several seconds
  3. Rotates the camera around the stage
  4. Severely ncreases the opponent's Speed
  5. Boosts the opponent's strength
  6. Freezes all opponents for a short time