Here Is A list of All The Items in Super Smash Bros Melee and What they do
Item Picture Item Description
Barrel Canon:
Jump inside and it'll start to spin! Press A to shoot it in the direction the arrow is pointing
Contains Items
Homerun Bat
Veru powerful if you use it correctly! A good charged up whack will really send any victim flying
Throw it at people to blow them up! However, if you leave it unattended for a little while, it'll start walking around on its own and blow up!
Bunny Hood:
Be able to move extremely fast and jump quickly
Contains an Item or can explode
Cloaking Device:
Turns You Invisible for a Brief Period of time.
Contains Multiple Items or Explodes
Can be eaten or Used to get an Item
A rather useless weapon. Hits people to cause Minimal Damage.
Fire Flower:
Use this to shoot fire at an opponent to cause damage! Only works for a limited time
If you throw this into the air, anybody who walks or moves near it will be thrown back as the Flipper starts spinning
Pick this up and it will take away some of your damage. There are many different things you can get, and it's random how helpful the food will be
Pick this up and throw it at someone to temporarily freeze them
Green Shell:
Throw it on the ground at an angle so it continues moving for an amount of time or until it hits someone/something
Very powerful! Pick this up and you'll be able to walk around with the hammer to hit people causing them to fly into the air
Heart Container
Heals 100% of damage unless you're playing All- Star mode, in which they heal all of it
Light Sabre (Beam Sword): A pretty powerful weapon, just attack with it. This can last as long as you can hold it!
Lip's stick:
Whack people with this to cause a little damage and make a flower appear on their head slowing them down
Maxim Tomato:
This will heal 50% damage
Metal Box:
Become a Metal Version of your character for a limited time
Mr Saturn:
He'll walk around until somebody picks him up. Throw it at somebody to cause some damage.
Super Mushroom:
Increases your size for a limited amount of time
Use this to whack people and cause damage! It's pretty powerful. Also Allows you to float whilst jumping .
Party Ball:
Random Items are released from it
Throw This On The Ground to Release a Random Pokémon. Click here for a List Of The Pokémon
Poison Mushroom:
Makes you decrease in size for a limited time
Motion Sensor Bomb:
If anything moves near it, it explodes (Looks Different in US Version)
Ray Gun
Shoot to cause Major damage.
Red Shell
Release it and it homes in to the nearest person.
Screw Attack
Allows you to do Samus' Screw Attack.
Star Rod
Shoot stars at people, Only a Limited amount of stars possible
Become Invincible for a Short Period Of Time.
Super Scope
A Weak Machine Gun used to keep foe's in the air
Warp Star
If you pick this up, you'll shoot up into the air and then come back down with a big explosion in which you don't get hurt!
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