#201 Unown
General Location Attacks TMs

Pokémon Game Picture National No. Regional No. English name Japanese Name

#201 Almia: R---
Unown アンノーン
Ability: Levitate
Levitate: Damage dealing Ground-type moves have no effect on this Pokémon. Cannot be trapped by Arena Trap ability. Takes no damage from Spikes.
Gender Ratio
Unown is Genderless
Classification Type 1 Type 2 Height Weight
Symbol Pokémon
1'08" 11.0 lbs
Evolution Chain

Mystery Dungeon 2 Info
Body Size IQ Group
Group A

Game Get Rate Obtainable Location
Time & Darkness
Easy Aegis Cave - Random IMB1F-B3F, RMB1F-B3F, SMB1F-B4F, DPB1F-B5F
Easy Aegis Cave - Random IMB1F-B3F, RMB1F-B3F, SMB1F-B4F, DPB1F-B5F
Ranger Shadows of Almia - Unown is not in Pokémon Ranger
Blazing Adventure Squad
- Unown Village 1,10-11,14F-U
Unown Village 1,11,14F-N
Unown Village 1,3-4,6,8,10-12,14F-R
Unown Village 1,7-8,11,13-14F-H
Unown Village 1-2,4-5,7-11,13-14F-S
Unown Village 1-2,4-5,7-8,10-11,14F-J
Unown Village 1-2,6,9F-F
Unown Village 1-2,6-8,10,12F-M
Unown Village 1-2,7,9,11,13F-Z
Unown Village 1-3,5,7-8,11,13F-I
Unown Village 1-4,6-7,10F-C
Unown Village 2,4,6,9-10,12F-T
Unown Village 2,8F-D
Unown Village 2-3,5-6,9,13F-K
Unown Village 2-3,6,9,12-13F-O
Unown Village 2-3,7,9-12F-B
Unown Village 2-5,7,10-11,13F-!
Unown Village 3,5-6,10-14F-E
Unown Village 3,5-6,8-9F-?
Unown Village 3,6-14F-P
Unown Village 3,7-8,10,12,14F-L
Unown Village 3-4,6-8,13F-W
Unown Village 3-4,7,12-13F-A
Unown Village 3-5,8-9,13-14F-V
Unown Village 4,11-12,14F-Q
Unown Village 4-6,8-9F-Y
Unown Village 5,8,10-12F-X
Unown Village 5-7,9-10F-G
Stormy Adventure Squad
- Unown Resort 1,12F-V
Unown Resort 1,3,5,9,14F-Z
Unown Resort 1,3,6,11F-A
Unown Resort 1,3-4,7,13-14F-S
Unown Resort 1,3-4,8-10,14F-F
Unown Resort 1,3-5,8,12F-Q
Unown Resort 1,4-5,8,10-11,13-14F-W
Unown Resort 1-2,4,6-9,11-13F-G
Unown Resort 1-2,5,12-13F-J
Unown Resort 1-2,5-8,11,13-14F-X
Unown Resort 1-2,6-7,10,13F-U
Unown Resort 2,6,8,12F-E
Unown Resort 2-3,5,7,12,14F-C
Unown Resort 2-3,6,8,10-11,14F-R
Unown Resort 2-3,6,9-12F-T
Unown Resort 2-3,8,10-13F-M
Unown Resort 2-3,9-10,12-14F-P
Unown Resort 2-4,6-8,10-12F-Y
Unown Resort 2-4,7,9,11-13F-?
Unown Resort 2-5,7,9,11,14F-L
Unown Resort 3-7,9-10,13-14F-I
Unown Resort 4,6-7,10-13F-H
Unown Resort 4,6-8,10,13F-!
Unown Resort 4,9,12,14F-K
Unown Resort 4-5,7,9,13F-N
Unown Resort 4-8,11,13F-O
Unown Resort 6,12,14F-D
Unown Resort 6,9-10F-B
Light Adventure Squad
- Unown Garden 1,10,12F-B
Unown Garden 1,3-9,13-14F-O
Unown Garden 1,5,7-11,13F-U
Unown Garden 1,6,12,14F-J
Unown Garden 1,7,11F-A
Unown Garden 1,7-8,14F-L
Unown Garden 1-2,4,6-7,10-12,14F-W
Unown Garden 1-2,4-7,9,12-13F-N
Unown Garden 1-2,4-8,10-11F-G
Unown Garden 1-3,6,8-11F-!
Unown Garden 1-4,11,13F-Y
Unown Garden 1-4,6-8,11-12,14F-Q
Unown Garden 2,4-5,7-12F-M
Unown Garden 2,4-5,9,12,14F-D
Unown Garden 2-3,5,8-10,13-14F-V
Unown Garden 2-3,6,9-13F-F
Unown Garden 2-3,9,13-14F-X
Unown Garden 2-3,9-12F-K
Unown Garden 2-5,10,13F-H
Unown Garden 2-8,13F-I
Unown Garden 3,5-6,8-10F-P
Unown Garden 3,6-7,11,13F-S
Unown Garden 4,7,9,12,14F-Z
Unown Garden 4-5,7-9,13F-R
Unown Garden 4-6,10,14F-E
Unown Garden 7,12-14F-T
Unown Garden 10-11,14F-C
Unown Garden 12F-?

Dungeon Level Up
LevelAttack NameTypeCat.Att.Acc.PPCritical Rate
Hidden Power
A unique attack that varies in type and intensity depending on the Pokémon using it.

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