#081 Magnemite
General Location Attacks TMs

Pokémon Game Picture National No. Browser No. English name Japanese Name
#081 R-056 Magnemite コイル
Ability: Magnet Pull & Sturdy
Magnet Pull: Steel type Pokémon cannot escape from battle
Sturdy: One-Hit KO Moves will not work
Classification Type 1 Type 2 Height Weight
Magnet Pokémon
1'00" 13.0 lbs
Evolution Chain
--Lv. 30-->

Mystery Dungeon 1 Info
Body Size Friend Area
Power Plant

Ranger Info
Type Group Field Ability Pkmn Assist
Electric Charge Electric

Game Get Rate Obtainable Location
Trozei Normal Secret Storage 2
Secret Storage 19
Mr. Who's Den
Dungeon 12.8 % End of Thunderwave Cave
Lightning Field 1F-7F
Wish Cave 1F-3F
Ranger - Everywhere

Dungeon Level Up
LevelAttack NameTypeDescription
Metal Sound
Emits a horrible screech that sharply lowers SP. DEF.
Charges the foe with a full- body tackle.
An electrical attack that may paralyze the foe.
Emits bizarre sound waves that may confuse the foe.
Launches shock waves that always inflict 20 HP damage.
21Thunder Wave
A weak jolt of electricity that paralyzes the foe.
An electrified tackle that may paralyze the foe.
Locks on to the foe to ensure the next move hits.
Sprays star-shaped rays that never miss.
Emits a screech to sharply reduce the foe's DEFENSE.
50Zap Cannon
Powerful and sure to cause paralysis, but inaccurate.

TM & HM Attacks
TM/HM #Attack NameTypeDescription
Poisons the foe with an intensifying toxin.
TM10Hidden Power
The effectiveness varies with the user.
TM11Sunny Day
Boosts the power of FIRE- type moves for 5 turns.
Evades attack, but may fail if used in succession.
TM18Rain Dance
Boosts the power of WATER- type moves for 5 turns.
An attack that is stronger if the TRAINER is disliked.
A strong electrical attack that may paralyze the foe.
A lightning attack that may cause paralysis.
An attack that increases in power with friendship.
TM32Double Team
Creates illusory copies to raise evasiveness.
Creates a wall of light that weakens physical attacks.
TM34Shock Wave
A fast and unavoidable electric attack.
Boosts ATTACK when burned, paralyzed, or poisoned.
TM43Secret Power
An attack with effects that vary by location.
The user sleeps for 2 turns, restoring HP and status.
Looses a powerful blast of light that cuts accuracy.
DM01Horizontal Cut
Inflicts Damage in 3 Directions
DM02Vacuum Cut
Inflicts 30 Damage to any Pokémon in the same room

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