Deck Building

When you first start the game, you are given a few decks but in the Decks section you have the ability to create any deck you desire, following the standard rules for deck making. You can't have over 4 of any cards with the same name in.

You can search for all cards in the database, filtering out if you own them or not, and you're able

Deck Building

New Cards

If you want to have a card in your deck that you don't currently have, you can exchange Credits for the cards that you need. These credits are obtained through completing missions or when you have over 5 of any card after opening a Booster Pack

The cost of the card is dependant upon its rarity and you can get multiple at once if desired.

Card Exchange

Card Exchange Cost

The following table details the standard exchange rate, but some cards will vary from the base rate depending on card.

Common40 Credits
Uncommon100 Credits
Rare400 Credits
Rare Holo425 Credits
Ace Spec/Prism Star / Shiny Collections600 Credits
Pokémon EX/GX/V750 Credits
Pokémon VMAX/VSTAR1025 Credits
Full Art 1250 Credits
Character Art750 Credits
Character Art V1250 Credits
Rainbow Rare1600 Credits
Gold2000 Credits
Promo400 Credits
Promo V/V-UNION750 Credits
Promo VMAX/VSTAR1025 Credits
Promo Full Art1250 Credits
Promo Rainbow1600 Credits
Promo GOLD2000