Within this companion game, there are four modes of gameplay to participate in. Most of these are just to check the various statistics of your Pokémon Tretta in preparation for gameplay in the arcades. The modes are as follows

Tretta Analyser

The Tretta Analyser allows for you to scan in one of your Tretta at any time. In doing so, you have the ability to scroll between several screens. These screens give you the type of the Pokémon in the first screen, as well as the type of Tretta it is (Rookie Tretta, One Star etc.).
On the second screen, you get a rundown of the Pokémon's stats: Energy, HP, Attack, Defense and Speed.
On the third screen it gives you details on your Pokémon's moves, specifying their type
On the fourth, it lets you know what types your Pokémon is strong against, and which ones it is weak to

Using the bottom screen, you have the ability to switch to get a view of your Tretta puck specifically, and you can rotate it around.

Type Checker

The Type Checker is the second feature within Pokémon Tretta Lab. In it, you have the ability to scan in one or more of your Tretta and see if the moves will work on them based solely upon type. This is a good way to plan a potential future battle. Within this feature, you have the ability to control who faces who, pick their specific attack that is to used and, if necessary, select a form change for the Pokémon.

In addition to using your own Tretta, the Type Checker has got a catalogue of currently available Tretta sets and allows you to pick one of up to 12 Tretta within each set. This also includes promotional Tretta.

Old Battle

This feature has you scan in two of your Pokémon Tretta pucks and watch as a battle. This is a fairly limited feature and you can setthe amount of wins each side has had before beginning the battle. Then, once you have both Tretta scanned in, you press OK and watch as the battle unfolds.

The battles in this game are a bit different to the ones in the arcade game, and are quite literally just a hit and damage feature. You have no control over it.

Challenge Battle

The Challenge Battle is the more game-like part of Pokémon Tretta Lab and has you scan in one of your Tretta pucks and select a stage in which to battle. There are four different categories, each based upon the rarities on the Tretta. This indicates the strength of the Pokémon and brings in opponents with the strength matching that. You start off with only the Normal and Super difficulty, but then unlock Ultra and Master as you proceed.

Each battle is a best two of three battles, and you have the ability to change the Pokémon you use before you start the battle.. When you end it, you get a High Score based upon the stage, a bonus for remaining Hit Points and a bonus for your Pokémon's Energy used. In addition to that, your percentage chance of a Special Challenge increases. These battles face you off against very strong and rare Pokémon

To battle through Challenge Battle, it is recommended that you have your own powerful Tretta