As with all the e-card sets, there are many cards which have what some call: "The Long barcode". Chat Member Gentleben kindly made a list of all mini-games, programs and so forth done in the set Aquapolis! We'll try to get Pictures soon...but it's really tricky

Hidden Attacks

050b Golduck

Spiral Damage
This Attack does a Random amount of Damage to the Defending Pokémon
When Selecting Yes to Using this attack it and it shows much damage is to be taken from the Defending Pokémon

094 Miltank

Regaining Milk
You may remove a random amount of Damage Counters from your Active Pokémon or one of your Benched Pokémon
When Selecting Yes to Using this attack it and it shows much damage is to be removed

103b Porygon

Miracle Beam
This Attack does a Random amount of Damage to the Defending Pokémon aswell as possibly inflicting it with a Special Condition
When Selecting Yes to Using this attack and it shows much damage and what special condition is to be inflicted the Defending Pokémon

110 Sneasel

Jump Slash
This Attack does a random amount of damage to EACH of your opponent's benched Pokémon
When Selecting Yes to Using this attack and it shows much damage is to be inflicted the Benched Pokémon


Name of Game: Dreameater
Cards Needed: 011 Espeon, 016 Hypno, 018 Smoochum, 074 Drowzee (b), 074 Drowzee (a), 095 Mr Mime (a)
Overview You are playing as Drowzee and must put a Primeape to sleep using the Hypnosis. You must move left and right and keep tapping the button to use Hypnosis without Primeape seeing you or its game over. Everytime you succeed in putting Primeape to sleep you go up a level and Primeape is harder to put to sleep cause he moves around more.

Name of Game: Harvest Time
Cards Needed: 048 Furret, 067 Aipom, 076 Exeggcute, 099 Paras, 112 Tangela
Overview: Playing as Aipom its your job to Harvest all the fruit that falls from the trees. You can move in any direction forwards of backwards and up and down. As the fruit falls from the tree you must catch it by touching it. The fruit falls in random patterns and after a while falls faster and more further apart meaning you really have to speed up. If Sunkern falls from the Tree you avoid it or it stuns you for a few seconds. If the Fruit hits the falls before you collect it a Swinub rushes out and eats it and its game over.

Name of Game: Jumping Doduo
Cards Needed: 046 Dodrio, 073 Doduo
Overview: Playing as Doduo the aim of the game is simple to jump over Pokemon and rocks in your way. It’s great Fun, and so easy just to pick up and play it also records your best record as well. You Jump over Bulbasaur, Digtrio, Donphan, Sudowoodo, Bellsprout, and boulders. Great FUN!

Name of Game: Mighty Tyranitar
Cards Needed: 040 Tyranitar, 056 Pupitar, 088 Kangaskhan, 089 Lavitar, 098 Onix
Overview: In the distance is a Volcano that is erupting and throwing out Rocks you play as Tyranitar and must use your Hyper beam attacks to destroy the rocks. You can move left and right and blast away with Hyper beam as much as you like. The rocks increase in Speed and you try and keep up. Loads of fun.

Name of Game: Punching Bags
Cards Needed: 054 Marowak, 063 Tyogue, 063 Hitmonchan, 082 Hitmontop, 100 Phanpy
Overview: Playing as Tyogue you have to punch and kick the Punching bags that appear from the ground and from above you. Tyogue can jump kick and punch it’s a fairly fun game with the idea been to rack up loads of points. As with all E mini games the speed increases, and it’s game over when you get hit by a Punching bag from above or below you.

Name of Game: Rolling Voltorb
Cards Needed: 052 Magnemite, 064 Voltorb, 091 Magnemite, 115 Voltorb
Overview: Keep on Rolling down a steep hill avoids Rocks and other stuff that gets in the way. The Further you roll the more points you get. Roll on Voltorb!

Name of Game: Sneak and Snatch
Cards Needed: 036 Sudowoodo, 065 weepinbell, 068 Bellspout, 101 Pinsir, 106 Scyther
Overview: Playing as SudoWoodo you have to sneak up behind Totodile and steal his Fruit when he’s not looking but if he sees you and uses Watergun to blast you off screen and its game over.

Construction Blocks

Card Scanned Contents Of Block
002 Arcanine 1 Arcanine to catch
023 Muk 1 Muk to catch
027 Parasect 1 Parasect, 1 Koffing and a Pokéball
029 Primeape 1 Mankey, 1 Primeape and a Pokéball
043 Vileplume 1 Parasect, 1 Vileplume
50 Golduck (A Version) 1 Golduck
60 Skiploom 1 Skiploom
080 Growlithe 1 Growlithe
087 Houndour 1 Houndour
092 Mankey 1 Mankey, 1 Sentret
093 Mareep 1 Mareep, 1 Koffing
097 Oddish 1 Oddish
103 Porygon (A Version) 1 Porygon
105 Remoraid 1 Oddish, 1 Remoarid, and a Pokéball
107 Sentret 1 Sentret
108 Slowpoke 1 Slowpoke and a Pokéball
116 Vulpix 1 Vulpix and a ladyba
123 Forest Guardian Play as Forest Guardian
126 Juggler Play as Juggler
130 Pokemon Fan Club Play as fan Club Member
133 Seer Play as the Seer.

Melody Boxes

Card Scanned Contents Of Block
006 Blissey Spanish Type Music
051 Growlithe Druming Noise
062 Spinarak Trumpet Noise
066 Wooper Piano Keys Noise
072 Cubone Cubone Pattern
075 Eevee Well Weird Dancing Feathered Girl Noise?
078 Goldeen Goldeen Noise
079 Grimer Grimer Noise
083 Hoppip Hoppip Pattern
086 Houndour Bangin on a steel Drum/Can
095 Mr Mime (B Version) Mr Mime
096 Nidoran (Female) Tennis Ball Hitting Racket Noise
134 Super Energy Removal 2 Team Rocket Music from RBY

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