As with all the e-card sets, there are many cards which have what some call: "The Long barcode". Chat Member Gentleben kindly made a list of all mini-games, programs and so forth done in the set Expedition! We'll try to get Pictures soon...but it's really tricky

Hidden Attacks

The Mew Card

Strange Wave
This attack may cause a random effect to the Defending Pokémon. E-Reader brings a random picker which picks between Burn, Paralyze & Poison


Cards Required: Butterfree, Metapod, Caterpie
Name Of Game: Flower Power
Aim Of Game: Playing as Butterfree the aim is to fly along controlling your height with the A button, on a side Scrolling screen. If you touch the yellow Centre of a Flower you score points and the flower turns blue. You carry on avoiding Beedrill and Koffing and Rattata along the way until you get hit and start over. The Game records your high score.

Cards Required: Cloyster, Goldeen, Kingler, Magikarp
Name Of Game: Kingler’s Day
Aim Of Game: This is another point based game played against the clock, you start off as Cloyster and you are sitting on a riverbank with a lot of Magikarp, Cloyster and Goldeen swimming in the river below. You have 2 minutes to catch as many Goldeen and Magikarp as possible. This is done by moving left or right across the Riverbank and pressing A button to use your larger Claw to scoop out the fish. The longer you hold A button down the further into the river your claw will scoop. If you hit a cloyster you get stunned for a moment and also if you hold down A button for too long you hit yourself on the head and get stunned.

Cards Required: Machoke, Machamp, Machop
Name Of Game: Machop at Work
Aim Of Game: This game is a challenge type game you are playing as Machop on a Rocky type screen and have to break large boulders that bounce towards you with either Forward punches by pressing A button or uppercut punches by Pressing B button. There are 100 Boulders to break and if you get hit once you have to start over. Sometimes the boulders bounce high and other times across the floor to fool you. If you break 50 or more and die you evolve into Machoke, then start over as Machop again. If you are Skilled enough to break all 100 you evolve into Machamp, then start over again as Machop.

Cards Required: Pichu, Hoppip
Name Of Game Hold down Hoppip
Aim of Game: Playing as Pichu you have to keep 5 Hoppip held down from floating away they are all tied down with ropes but slowly float upwarsds towards the sky. You have to rush from Hoppip to Hoppip and press the A button to pull down there ropes, and stop them from floating away. This game records your best time can you beat my 4mins 12seconds? The Hoppips also float upwards faster as time goes on. Don’t let them float off screen of its game over!!!

Cards Required: Krabby, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Marill, Poliwag, Shellder
Name Of Game: GO, Poliwrath!
Aim Of Game: Playing against a Marill And a Golduck in this Swimming race is very strange you play Poliwrath and the aim is to swim to the lead and reach the goal first and get a good time. I’m not too sure of the controls and always seem to come last.

Cards Required: Quilfish, Corsola
Name Of Game: Diving Corsola
Aim Of Game: Guide your Corsola 100metres down to the bottom of the sea floor, whilst Avoiding Tentacool and Quilfish. Keep an eye on your oxygen/health bar by touching air Bubbles that float upwards. Your oxygen and health bar slowly drains away as you dive deeper or you can loose loads of oxygen/health by touching a Tentacool or Quilfish. Also the Music plays faster the deeper you get and the Blue water slowly becomes darker and darker. Best Dive 11Metres! Use the A button and control pad to guide your self in this weightless water Task.

Cards Required: Bills Maintenance
Name Of Game Coin Flipper 2
Aim Of Game: This is a coin flipper for when you playing the TCG with your Gameboy Advance. You press A, L, or R button to Flip a Chansey style coin until it lands on tails. On the Right hand side it displays the odds of flipping another Heads.

Cards Required: Professor Elms Training Method
Name Of Game: Duel Timer.
Aim Of Game: This is a duel timer to time how long your TCG battle shall last you can set the timer from 05-Minutes right up until 99Minutes. Also if you press R or L button you can pause the timer. On either side of the Timer is a picture of two Pikachus. The background moves and the music is a relaxed looping. When the timer reaches 00Minutes the music speeds up and the words Time up appear on screen.

Cards Required: Professor Oak’s Research
Name Of Game: Duel Time
Aim Of Game: After scanning this card you use the left/right pad to select the amount of time. Then you set a time limit for each players turn the same way with the amount of minutes and seconds you need. Then it shows you a map on screen, telling you to turn the Gameboy advance on its side. The Screen then goes split screen and a countdown timer appears on each screen showing how long you have to make your move and how much game time is left. The same music plays from Duel timer. You press L button after each turn or R depending on which screen side you are looking at to stop and restart the timer ready for your opponent to start their go.

Cards Required: Chansey
Name Of Game: Coin Flipper 1
Aim Of Game: Another Coin Flipper for when playing the TCG this time is shows in the background how many heads you have and how many tails and also displays odds on Right hand side of screen.


Cards Required: Clefable, Clefairy
Name of Animation: Metronome
What Happens: A Blue Sky and Charizard flies across it, the animation moves down to see Clefable use Metronome. A bright flash and the day becomes to night. Haunter appears and chases Clefable away. The second time around Clefable uses Metronome and this time uses explosion. Clefable then appears all Black and burnt.

Cards Required: Magby, Magmar
Name of Animation: Magby and Magmar
What Happens: Magby and Magmar are both using flamethrower on each other, then Articuno flies over and covers them both in blocks of ice. They defrost the ice and use Flamethrower on each other again but faster. No change second time around.

Cards Required: Dragonite
Name of Animation: Flying Journey
What Happens: Dragonite flies over the sea fields and sky sometimes fast and sometimes slow. When he returns to the starting point of his journey, it shows on screen how many times Dragonite flew around the world. This changes depending on how many times you scan the card.

Cards Required: Rapidash
Name of Animation: Make a Dash
What Happens: Rapidash races across the fields kicking up sand and the flameson the tail burning. When Rapidash reaches a post it shows how fast today’s MAX speed was. This changes everytime the card is scanned.

Cards Required: Vileplume
Name of Animation: Sweet Scent
What Happens: Vileplume walks into a forest and uses Sweet Scent, a scent floats out of Vileplumes head and then a load of Beedrill buzz past. Vileplume looks surprised. Second Time around, two Diglett appear on each side of the screen and then a Dugtrio appears underneath Vileplume lifting it into the air.

Cards Required: Dragonair and Dratini
Name of Animation: Lifesaver
What Happens: As Dragonite is flying across the sky and NY city and over fields with windmills he sees that Pikachu is drowning in the sea, he flies down and grabs Pikachu from the sea and puts him safely down on Dry land. Pikachu looks all happy and waves goodbye. Second time around as Pikachu is pulled from the sea a magikarp is holding on his tail, then a Marill is attached to magikarp then a Goldeen and finally a Wobuffet!!!

Cards Required: Gloom and Oddish
Name of Animation: Here Comes Gloom
What Happens: Gloom walks into the Forest and uses Not so Sweet scent and a load of Butterfree and Beedrill fall from the trees, on screen it counts how many Bug Pokemon fell. Second time around as Bug Pokemon fall out the trees they hit Gloom making it all confused it then falls over and faints like the bug Pokemon.

Cards Required: Jynx
Name of Animation: Gotcha!
What Happens: Pikachu is chasing Smoochum but bumps into Jynx who gives Pikachu a big wet kiss. Lip marks appear on screen. Second time Smoochum is been chased by Elekid and Elekid see Jynx and tries to run away but Jynx uses Mean look walks over to Elekid and gives him a big wet Kiss. Lip marks appear on screen.

Melody Boxes

Card Scanned Contents Of Block
Abra Music Emerald City/Classical by Beethoven also played in Clockwork Orange.
Bulbasaur Music-RBY Battle Music
Bulbasaur Sound-Adds echo type sound to music.
Charmander Pattern-Electrode rolls around in background/ and explodes and repeats.
Charmander Music-Opening Title Music to RBY
Chikorita Sound-Makes Chikorita Voice.
Chikorita Music-???
Cubone Sound-Church Organ
Cynaquil Sound-Cynaquil Voice
Cynaquil Pattern-Black Stick Figure dancing in the background and posing.
Ekans Sound-Aliens Talking/ Sounds very Metallic.
Gastly Music-Spooky Bat/Scary Music
Geodude Sound-tin Style gong.
Houndour Sound-String Banjo.
Koffing Pattern-Moving Yellow Squares/overlapping and loads of patterns.
Larivatar Sound-??? Not sure on this one.
Mareep Sound- Xylophone
Mewoth Sound- Cows Bells
Pidgey Pattern-Dancing Cleffa in background, spins around and such
Pikachu Sound-Pikachu Voice
Pontya Music-RBY Music from when your on your Bike Riding.
Rattata Sound- Alien UFO flying in space.
Tauros Sound-Flute/ Clarinet
Squirtle Music-Classical Piece
Squirtle Pattern- Pikachus Face appears in background
Totodile Sound- Totodile Voice
Totodile Pattern-White bendy line, green background
Vulpix Music-Guitar

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