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Ash and co are now passing through a large town full of side stores and people window shopping. May wants to start buying everything in sight, but Ash says he just wants to get to the Pokecenter. As they continue on, May suddenly tells everyone to stop. They wonder why and May explains that this would be the perfect time to introduce Bulbasaur to the outside world. She pulls its Pokeball from her pack and tosses it, releasing the curious Pokemon.

Ash wonders what she means and May begins to explain that since Bulbasaur lived in the Forest Kingdom all its life, it never got to see the city, so she's showing it one. Brock says that she had a great idea. May then leans down and begins to explain certain things to Bulbasaur. After some time, it rushes towards a fruit stand and picks up an apple. Ash and co freak out thinking they'll have to pay for it and May rushes to stop her Pokemon. She then explains to Bulbasaur why it's wrong to just take things.

Max becomes impatient and asks May if they can head to the Pokemon Center now. She turns to say she's ready and Bulbasaur rushes off. When she turns back, she notices it's missing and wonders where it ran off too. Brock begins to scream, exclaiming that Bulbasaur is over there. May looks to see it in the back of a pick up truck sniffing some flowers. She tells the others to wait and rushes off to catch it. Suddenly, the truck starts to speed off. May continues her chase worried she may not see her Pokemon anymore.

The whole group soon joins in but the truck is getting farther and farther away. Ash tells Brock to speed it up and the two begin to shift into overdrive. They demand for the driver to stop and he notices them in the side mirror. He freaks out and immediately slams on the breaks. Ash and Brock approach Bulbasaur breathing heavily. May catches up and scolds her Pokemon; explaining to it that it is wrong to run off. Bulbasaur just grins and continues to sniff the flowers.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is at the Pokemon Center disguised as repairmen. They are busily working on fixing the Pokeball transporter when Nurse Joy approaches. She asks how things are going and Jessie and James tell her it should be done in no time. Joy thanks them and takes her leave. Team Rocket smirks as she goes. Jessie becomes excited and wonders what the boss will say when they inform him that they have successfully stole Pokemon from a Pokemon Center by rigging the transporter. James cuts in impersonating the boss giving them a reward and the three then cheer.

The doors then open and Ash and co walk in greeting Joy. Team Rocket notices this and can't wait to see if they use the transporter. The group approaches the desk and Ash asks Joy if she can treat his Pokemon. Suddenly, Brock cuts him off and begins to flirt with her. Max becomes annoyed and grabs Brock by the pack, pulling him off. Team Rocket then walks by bowing their heads so Ash and co don't recognize them. James tells Joy that they are finished and she happily thanks them. Jessie then waves goodbye and the three walk out.

May wonders what the finished and Joy explains to the group that the Pokeball transporter was malfunctioning. Outside, Team Rocket gloats on their success. All they have to do now is wait. Inside, Ash calls up Oak on the videophone. Behind him the Pokemon are enjoying some food Brock prepared. Max exclaims that May caught a Bulbasaur and Oak excitedly wants to see it. May calls it over and it leaps into her hands.

She then introduces it to the professor who seems enthralled. He greets it and it waves hi back. Ash then cuts in asking how his Bulbasaur is doing and Oak says it is right here. He bends down and comes back into view with Ash's Bulbasaur in his hands. It waves happily and Ash says it's looking good. May's Bulbasaur seems to like it. Behind them, a boy walks into the transporter and transports a Pokemon. Ash then comes up with an idea and wants Oak to send his Bulbasaur. May and Max are confused as they thought he wanted to use Pokemon from Hoenn, but Ash just says he wants to introduce the two Bulbasaurs and let them play for the day.

Brock steps up saying that would be good for May's Bulbasaur. Oak then recalls Bulbasaur and sends it through the transporter. Ash and co watch as the Pokeball forms and Ash then snatches it up. May tells Ash to hurry and he picks the Pokeball up. He calls Bulbasaur out, but nothing happens. Confused, he begins to shake the Pokeball. Several kids approach saying they had the same problem. Joy then asks what the problem is and one of the trainers says his Pokeball is empty. The group opens them up to show there is nothing inside.

Joy is confused as she just had it fixed. Max then cuts in saying the repairmen could have done something. Joy doesn't think so but Max begins to say they looked suspicious. Suddenly, the real repairmen enter greeting Joy. Everyone is in shock. Outside, a giant vacuum is sucking up the Pokeballs from the transporter and putting them into Team Rocket's balloon. James begins to repeat what it is exactly they did to the transporter. He says that they rewired it so that the entrance tube switches and leads outside while a newly installed tube spits empty Pokeballs into the center.

Ash and co along with Joy rush to the back of the center and find Team Rocket. They say their motto and naturally Ash demands they give back the stolen items. Team Rocket retreats to the balloon and begin to take off. Ash calls out Taillow and May releases Beautifly. James laugh saying they prepared for this. He activates a switch and rocket boosters emerge from the bottom of the basket. They start up and Team Rocket books it top speed. Ash tries to have Pikachu shock them, but they are out of range.

Suddenly, the rockets malfunction and Team Rocket freaks. Jessie asks what is wrong and James says the rockets must have run out of fuel. He curses at them for being so cheap when they suddenly explode. The balloon spins out of control and crashes into the forest. Max says they should go after them when the group suddenly sees a single Pokeball falling. May has Bulbasaur catch it with vine whip, and it opens to reveal Ash's Bulbasaur.

Ash and his Pokemon share a heart-warming reunion and May shows her Bulbasaur. It releases a vine to say hello and Ash's Bulbasaur shakes it with its own. The meeting is cut short when May says they have to get the rest of the Pokeballs back. Ash agrees and the two set their Bulbasaurs down. Ash then tells Taillow to go find Team Rocket and May tells Beautifly to follow.

In the forest, James jumps up and down complaining about the cheap rockets while Jessie and Meowth place the spilled Pokeballs into sacks. They tell him he could help but James yells back refusing. Jessie then gets in his face demanding he helps. She mutters to herself about his incompetence and then sits back down. James begins to mock her while placing some Pokeballs into a sack. Jessie and Meowth are ready and James stuffs the last Pokeball in and swings the sack around his neck. Jessie then hands James hers and says her neck hurts. Meowth and Jessie walk off leaving James shocked and pissed. He follows, but a hole in his sack causes some Pokeballs to fall out leaving a trail.

Ash and co walk through the forest determined to find the thieves. Both Bulbasaurs walk side by side. Suddenly, May's veers off and she turns to see it sniffing some flowers. Ash and co sigh, remarking that it isn't too set on finding Team Rocket. Ash's Bulbasaur runs up scolding it, and then butters it up. Max laughs, commenting that Ash's Bulbasaur is acting like a brother to May's. Bulbasaur then leads May's back on the trail as May laughs with Ash.

Taillow and Beautifly continue to search the sky when they notice something below. They fly down to see the Pokeball trail. Taillow grabs one and the two fly off to find their trainers. Both Bulbasaurs lead Ash and co through the woods. They stop suddenly and Ash's points to a Shroomish speaking with a Nuzleaf. The Bulbasaurs talk to the two, asking if they have seen a Meowth by shaping their vines into his shape. The Pokemon nod and point and the Bulbasaurs press on followed by Ash and co.

They soon come to the crashed balloon which still has a few Pokeballs left inside. Ash and co thank their Pokemon and Max wonders where Team Rocket went off too. May's Bulbasaur then notices a Pokeball on the path. Taillow and Beautifly then fly down and hand Ash the other Pokeball. Ash asks where they found it and Taillow points down the road. The group discusses a plan a bit, and then rushes off to catch up with the criminals.

The Pokeball path leads to a small cabin where Team Rocket is searching inside for something to make their escape with. Meowth finds some skis and asks if they'll do, but Jessie calls him an idiot, saying they need snow. Meowth then notices the hole in James's sack and warns him that he lost some Pokeballs. James fiddles with it, but Jessie pulls it off to find the large hole and an empty sack. She gets mad and her and Meowth yell, but James tries to defend himself.

The three then open the door to find the Pokeball trail leading into the woods. They realize they could have been followed and leap out to retrieve them. Suddenly, Ash and co appear demanding them to hand over the stolen Pokeballs. Brock holds a sack with the ones they found already. Team Rocket doesn't give in and boards themselves up inside the cabin. James laughs from inside saying they'll never get in. He activates a switch and a large metal box covers the house up.

James gloats at his quick thinking but Jessie brings him down by exclaiming that they are stuck inside now. She and Meowth sigh as James pouts. Outside, Ash and May come up with a plan when they spy a window of the house on the roof that wasn't covered up. Jessie notices this and tells James. He picks up a ski and says they'll have to fight back. Meowth tosses up a Pokeball and James bats it out the window with the ski. It opens up and a Golbat appears. The Pokemon smashes into Ash blowing him back.

James laughs at his success from inside. He tells Meowth to give him another one and this time he bats out a Primeape. The Pokemon punches Ash in the face and he falls over. While Ash keeps them busy, May, Brock, Max, and the Pokemon make it to the roof window. The Bulbasaurs send in their vines to find the Pokeballs, but Team Rocket makes it hard. James tries to beat the vines with the ski while Jessie and Meowth stab at them with ski poles. May tells the Bulbasaurs to get the sack and they begin to bring their vines towards them. Team Rocket blocks them off and James grabs the vines. He begins to tie them in a knot, but the Bulbasaurs pull back and he topples over.

Outside, Brock recalls the Primeape and Golbat and puts them in the sack. Ash then has Pikachu iron tail a hole into the metal wall. Team Rocket falls out and then gets up angrily. May, Max, and the Bulbasaurs get down from the roof and Ash tells Team Rocket the jig is up. Max holds one of the sacks and Team Rocket only has one left. They still refuse to give it up and call out Seviper and Cacnea. Cacnea hugs James, but he pulls it off.

Seviper tries to poison tail Ash's Bulbasaur, but it dodges. Cacnea then uses pin missile striking May's Bulbasaur. Cacnea then launches more and they head straight at May's Bulbasaur. She has it use razor leaf to knock a few away, but more come. Max can't look, but Ash's Bulbasaur leaps in the way and knocks the pins away with vine whip. Jessie and James order a poison tail/needle arm combo, but Ash and May have both Bulbasaurs use vine whip, smashing Team Rocket's Pokemon straight into their trainers.

The sack flies up and both Bulbasaurs catch it together. Team Rocket gets up saying they'll just take it back. They tell their Pokemon to attack, but Ash has Pikachu use thunderbolt sending the rockets blasting off again. Ash and co then approach the two Bulbasaurs thanking them and saying they make a great team. The two smile and high five each other with their vines.

At the Pokecenter, Joy thanks the group for retrieving the stolen Pokemon. The trainers get them back and Ash and co tell Joy it was really the Bulbasaurs who did it. Joy thanks them, but Brock cuts in flirting until Max pulls him away. Suddenly, the videophone comes on and a very injured Oak yells for Ash. Behind him are some Pokemon fighting away. He explains that without Bulbasaur to keep the peace the Pokemon are at it once again. A

Ash asks Bulbasaur if it wouldn't mind going back and it nods. It then pets May's Bulbasaur goodbye. The group then says their goodbyes and Ash recalls it. He places it quickly into the transporter and sends it back. That evening, the group waves goodbye to Joy and the trainers before walking off towards the next gym.

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