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This instalment of Pokémon starts out panning across many trainers practising with their Pokémon, training for the Pokémon Contest we see a Granbull, Poliwag, Dewgong, Hitmonlee, Vibrava, Beedrill, Mawile, Gloom, Skiploom, Ninjask, Rhyhorn, Swinub and finally a Gastly. We next cut to May who throws up a pink ball high into the air, only to be met by Munchlax, who delivers a Focus Punch shattering the ball and sending lots of confetti in a spectacular display. Munchlax lands in front of our heroes and then flexes its muscles and does a pose while being congratulated by May.

The episode continues to focus on Munchlax who is still posing, May and Eevee are watching on Ash and May then begin to discuss about May entering Munchlax into the contest and how it will be good for Munchlax to have its first competitive battle. All of a sudden we notice Brock being surrounded by many girls, much to his delight! All the girls are focused on Bonsly which they all declare as cute while Brock just lavished up all the love. This is rudely interrupted by none other than Harley, who struts over in the way he does only to be noticed by May, who he then runs over to.

Harley is not very happy to see May, who in return doesn’t look pleased when talking back to Harley. Harley asks May how many Ribbons she has for the Grand Festival in Kanto, she declares her two victories which is only met by Harley’s 3 ribbons. May is frightened by this concept but then tell him not to worry as she will be winning the Modama Town contest. Harley then walks off into the contest hall to do what he does, while May is enraged by this Brock, Ash and Max offer her some words of support and all is calm once again.

We now cut to Harley who is walking through the stalls within the Contest Hall’s grounds, however he stops because of a girl at a stall is declaring she sells Poké Block which of course being a Pokémon Coordinator Harley will love to have. The 3 people at the stall turn out to be none other than Team Rocket, Harley seems confused by their selling techniques and then Team Rocket begin to do their motto, which is interrupted by Harley telling them he recognises them because they are May’s friends.

Team Rocket continue with their antics explaining how they are not friends with the twerps and are only chasing them to try and catch Pikachu. Harley finds this hilarious and then begins to mock Team Rocket calling them useless because of all the failed attempts trying to catch Pikachu. Harley then says something which really upsets Team Rocket and after he has walked away Team Rocket become very angry and start threating towards Harley. Jessie is particularly upset, her eyes are red, she looks like she is about to explode.

The contest has now begun and the announcer is introducing the contest. She introduces the Modama Town panel which as ever features the 2 guys and Nurse Joy. Ash, Max and Brock are sitting in the crowd with Pikachu standing cheering on waving fans in the cute way it does, while Brock holds Eevee. The announcer continues to explain the rules as May watches on eagerly, ready for her contest round.

First up in the contest is May, she calls out her Squirtle, Ash, Max, Eevee and Pikachu shout words of support as May orders her Squirtle to do a Rapid Spin which manages to keep Squirtle hovering off the ground in a Claydol sort of manner. She then orders Squirtle to use Bubble, causing a spiral of bubbles to spin above Squirtle as it continues Rapid Spin. The contest announcer is very impressed by this, as are Max, Brock and Ash. The fellow coordinators in the waiting room watch on with frowns on their face, along with Harley, the judges are very impressed with Squirtle’s display which May finishes off with an Ice Beam, clearing all the bubbles from the stadium and then setting up a frozen fountain shaped ice block suspended above Squirtle.

The rest of the contestants begin to do their displays, one guy with his Rhydon spinning a umbrella on its nose, a Camerupt erupting on the stage, a juggling Machamp, a sparking Magneton and then Harley enters the contest field with his Ariados. Ariados leads with a String Shot attack, filling the arena with cobwebs, Ariados begins to maneuver the newly placed cobwebs, climbing up to the ceiling, once in the centre of the ceiling it jumps off, only to be bungee jumped to a web attached to the ceiling. Harley finishes it off by spinning Ariados to be covered in web, which looks rather frightening, the crowd do not like it nor does the announcer. As Harley orders Ariados to do something else Wobbuffet comes crashing through the roof of the Contest Hall.

Wobbuffet stand up, it sees the Ariados looking rather evil and then gets scared and runs out of the contest hall… Pikachu and Ash give up chase and the contest continues. The 8 people who qualify are shown up on the screen, which includes May and Harley.

The next round of the contest begins, May is up against a male trainer with a Politoed, and May chooses to send out her Munchlax. She orders a Solarbeam from Munchlax, the male trainer tries to take his chance and orders a water gun, but as it about to strike Munchlax it, Solarbeam is fired meeting with the water gun. Solarbeam is too powerful for the water gun and hits Politoed hard knocking it hard into the wall. Munchlax wins and begins to do his ritual pose in the centre of the battle field. Brock and Max are amazed by the power of Munchlax. Harley also watches on, seemingly worried at the power of Munchlax’s Solarbeam attack.

We cut to Team Rocket, who’s balloon is perched atop of the Contest hall, A Nidoran Male, Paras, Cubone and Bellsprout are all being grabbed by metallic arms whilst their trainers down below look on, worried where their Pokémon could have got to.

Team Rocket have a caged full of stolen Pokémon, including the previous 4, a Quagsire, Sunflora, Cleffa and a Furret. Jessie and James are holding two huge red hands each, which they used to grab and steal the Pokémon. Wobbuffet comes running back, screaming at Jessie and James, who then tell it off for running away only to be spotted by Pikachu who comes running around the corner, closely followed by Ash. Team Rocket being to show off their inventions, but until Ash spots the cage of Pokémon they had him fooled, Team Rocket fail in making up an excuse for the cage and Ash orders a Thunderbolt from Pikachu, blasting Team Rocket off before they had a chance to retaliate.

The contest continues, we join the contest in at the final, May versus Harley, the contest announcer sets up the contest, introduces May and Harley. Harley sneers at May, in a very evil manner, May tells Munchlax she is relying on it’s performance to help her win against Harley and the match begins.

May begins by sending out her Munchlax who is eager to battle, whilst Harley replies with his Octillery. May quickly orders a Focus Punch from Munchlax who begins to charge his attack, which is met by a constrict attack from Octillery, who wraps itself around Munchlax who cannot hit Munchlax with its Focus Punch.

As Munchlax’s Focus Punch fades Harley orders Octillery to fire an Octazooka directly at Munchlax which he is still wrapped around it. This hits Munchlax hard causing serious damage, knocking it back hard towards May. May is worried but still orders a Solar Beam from Munchlax, knowing it is super effective against the Octillery, however Octillery is too fast and gets in a barrage of Sludge Bombs making Munchlax’s efforts fail. Munchlax is now down to less than half health after not even hitting Octillery once.

May is getting very impatient and begins to worry that she may not win this contest, whilst the judges acknowledge the power and finesse of Octillery. Harley begins to taunt May but she comes out strong, ordering a Metronome from Munchlax. Ash, Max and Brock all watch on worried about which attack Munchlax could produce, the Metronome attack but then as something is about to happen it stops. May is taken back along with the contest announcer who is shocked that Metronome didn’t attack.

Harley and Octillery are laughing at May and Munchlax but a stream of electricity suddenly comes down from the sky hitting Octillery square, doing serious damage due to its Super Effectiveness. Octillery appears to be paralyzed by the Electricity, but then Harley orders a Rest from Octillery, much to May’s surprise. Octillery closes its eyes and glows a bright yellow colour as it regains its health, putting back into a perfect condition for battle.

Ash shouts down at May to attack, telling her that she has time to do an attack due to how long Rest takes to work. May realises this and orders a Tackle from Munchlax, followed by a Focus Punch knocking Octillery down to low health. Harley begins to sweat, as Munchlax hits Octillery again with another blistering tackle attack, but as Munchlax hits, Octillery wakes up and whilst suspended upside down in the air Octillery fires a extremely powerful Octazooka at Munchlax knocking Munchlax for a home run. Harley and Octillery have won the contest.

Harley poses and the crowd cheers, May sadly returns Munchlax but congratulates Munchlax on its excellent performance against Octillery. Harley gets presented with his Ribbons and the crowd cheers his again, Harley is very happy and thanks the crowd for supporting him, he then blows some kisses as the camera zooms out and changes location to outside the contest hall where see Max, Ash and Brock sitting on a bench watching on as Munchlax eats a bowl of food rather quickly!

Ash compliments May on Munchlax’s performance who in turn says that she will be using Munchlax in another contest because it did so well. The camera pans backwards to a nearby tree as Harley is listening in, spying on May and the gang, Harley walks off with a frown on his face just before the contest announcer comes up to May.

Brock is taken by her beauty, as per usual, but she ignores him begins to talk to May. She hands May a poster for the next contest, which she is very excited about, however that is not all, she has another letter for May. This one has a rose sticking out of it too. This letter confuses May and Ash but Brock notices that because of the rose it must be a letter from Drew. May reads it out and Drew is congratulating May on her performance against Harley, which cheers her up loads.

The episode now is coming to a close, the camera zooms in on May, and then onto the rose, but then pans out from the group who we see talking to the contest announcer still while Munchlax is sleeping on the floor after having eaten his food.

Thanks to grem for writing this for us

437: Harley Rides Again

437: Munchlax's Battle Debut! Harley & Taking the Game Seriously!


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May loses the contest to Harley
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