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The episode starts out with a bright light shining into the screen, with a voice shouting down towards the camera asking you if you're alright. It's a Charmander and he is talking to the camera referring to you as Squirtle until the camera rushes over to the waters edge and the reflection of the camera shows Squirtle. This upsets Squirtle as he claims to be human and shouts out "Since when did I become a Squirtle" and the intro begins.

As the intro plays there are subtitles explaining the plot of the story and this is how they read: This is a story about a boy who one day woke up and became Squirtle. In his new Pokémon world, he found out that there were many problems, and Pokémon Rescue Teams had been formed to deal with those problems. Squirtle joins team go-getters and starts his adventure with his new friends.

We find Squirtle resting on a stony floor surrounded by water, a fairly nice place with a waterfall and very peaceful atmosphere. Squirtle wakes up and checks his reflection again, but slips and falls into the water, but he cannot swim. However when he gets underwater he finds it very easy to move around plus the fact he can breathe underwater is a big advantage. Also he remembers that being a Pokémon he should have attacks, so he tries out a Water Gun but all he gets is bubble, which amazes him with its beauty.

A Chikorita and Charmander, the one from earlier, walk into the cavern, Squirtle determined that he is a human starts to plead his case, making the other Pokémon laugh. Chikorita then explains how that cavern they are in actually their team base for their Pokémon rescue team. Charmander pulls out a pink and white egg shaped badge with wings and throws it to Squirtle, and he invites Squirtle to join the team, team Go-Getters.

Suddenly an Earthquake strikes scaring Squirtle, but the other two Pokémon know how to react. They explain that Pokémon Rescue teams just like theirs have been popping up everywhere to try and aid any Pokémon that needs it. Charmander shoves Squirtle out the door and they head off to the Pelipper Post office. Chikorita gives him the tool box and they run off over a bridge into the distance.

We pan over to a Pichu on the other side of town who is crying because his older brother, Pikachu has gone missing, he is being comforted by a Whiscash, he says that Alakazam and his friends will help get Pikachu back, this makes Pichu lighten up because he means team ACT, the toughest Pokémon Rescue Team around, consisting of 3 very high level Pokémon, but Snubble reminds Whiscash that team ACT are off on a mission already and will not be back for some time, they are on assignment in Magma Cavern, attempting to rescue a Plusle and Minun from the fiery caves so Pichu starts to cry again.

Team Go-Getters then storm into the picture, but they are shoved out of the way by an Ekans, Gengar and Medicham, otherwise known as Team Meanies. Both teams are ranked normal as indicated by their badges; however team ACT are Golden Rank as they are the best around. Whiscash accepts both the teams and sends them off towards Sinister Cave where Pikachu was last seen, Gengar then starts to plot ways of getting team Go-Getters out of their way so that the mission and glory will all be theirs.

We see Chikorita running through the town square, closely followed by Squirtle and Charmander, she explains how Sinister Cave is going to be a tough mission and that they need to get to the market place very quickly so that they can stock up on items to aide them on their journey but when they get there the two Kecleon say they are closed, they got bought out by Gengar, Ekans and Medicham….. Team Meanies!

In the park Chikorita opens the pack to see that all they have collected are a few berries, but out from behind a tree pop Team Meanies. Ekans jumps out and then eats all the berries, Squirtle fires a bubble but Gengar blocks it with a rather powerful Nightshade. Team Meanies walk off and Team Go-Getters look into their pack and all they have is two Oran Berries, but Charmander explains how Oran Berries have enough kick in them that one bite is enough to put energy right back into a Pokémon. Suddenly a call comes from a far, Auntie Kangaskhan gives Team Go-Getters 3 good luck scarves and some really rare Corsola Spines, this puts a burst of energy into our favourite team and off they scuttle down the road to the entrance of Sinister cave.

All of a sudden they hear a crying, Charmander realises its coming from behind a rock, he uses Metal Claw to smash it but a wave of Golbat rush towards them. Once they have flown past Pichu runs out crying, sparking electricity everywhere, she runs into Squirtle and then lands on the floor exhausted. Charmander gives her a Oran Berry and she jumps right back up. Pichu explains she was very worried about Pikachu and how she couldn't just sit there knowing he was in trouble so she tried to come rescue him so she followed Team Meanies. We then see a flashback of Gengar, Ekans and Medicham getting rid of Pichu she she is in their way. Gengar pretends to hear a noise coming from a tunnel, Pichu runs down the tunnel thinking it is her brother only to find Gengar using confusion to place a big rock in the way. Pichu hears them walk off saying they'll come back and get Pichu once the mission is complete. Team Go-Getters declare they will get to Pikachu first and decide to take Pichu along with so they can protect her from any more danger.

The now four members of Team Go-Getters are walking down the cave, the walls are covered in sleeping Shroomish, Charmander says to keep quiet to Squirtle, they don't want to wake them up and cause themselves more trouble, but Squirtle accidentally knocks off a Shroomish from it's perch which makes it start to cry. All the Shroomish wake up with an angry look on their face and they start to cast Poison Powder as Team Go-Getters runs for it, closely followed by the Shroomish. Eventually they get far ahead enough for Charmander to send out an Ember attack to scare them off, he tries Ember once more but delivers a Flamethrower attack proving that Charmander has just gone up a level.

Later on as the Team are walking down the cavern Squirtle ponders that because the Poison Powder didn't affect them that they may have just all gone up a level, but Chikorita explains that the special scarves Auntie Kangaskhan gave them protects them from being poisoned. They get out of the cave and are at the foot of the peak of the mountain, Pichu jumps down and runs to a treasure back which she says belongs to Pikachu. All of a sudden a Skarmory flies overhead, swoops down and grabs Pichu, Team Go-Getters run off up the mountain after Skarmory.

Skarmory is at the top of the mountain walking around confused, talking to herself. Pichu and Pikachu are tied up next to each other around a rock, Pichu says a Rescue Team is coming to get them, Pikachu thinks team ACT, but Pichu explains the super strong Team Go-Getters is coming. Squirtle is getting very tired climbing up the mountain, he thinks about squirting himself up the mountain with water gun, he tries to use it again but all that comes out is some more pretty bubbles, which he awes at. As Team Go-Getters climb over a slight hill on the mountain they discover Team Meanies laying at the side of the road, injured after battle. Ekans and Medicham feel really bad about getting beaten it, Skarmory had attacked them from nowhere, Gengar laughs at them but he also got hit. Team Go-Getters get out the Oran Berry and split it into three pieces; Charmander and Chikorita give a piece to Medicham and Ekans which pumps some energy back into the injured Pokémon. Squirtle tries to give his piece to Gengar, who refuses, but Squirtle says Pokémon should stick together as kinsmen making Gengar feel bad, and he takes his piece.

Team Go-Getters run over the bank and into Skarmory's nest, Chikorita calls out to Pichu to reassure it and then Skarmory intervenes and attacks Team Go-Getters. Skarmory takes out Charmander with a swift Quick Attack, Chikorita tries to use Razor Leaf but Skarmory blows it away with Whirlwind shortly followed by a Steel Wing, knocking Chikorita afar. Squirtle tries a Bubble attack but Skarmory just flies right through it and uses Peck on Squirtle knocking it upwards. Chikorita remembers that they have the Corsola twigs in the bag, the ones Auntie Kangaskhan gave them, and they each take one and continue with the attack on Skarmory.

Charmander tries a Flamethrower and Chikorita throws her Corsola spine but it is easily dodged by Skarmory mid flight, Squirtle runs up a rock and jumps into Skarmory delivering a Tackle attack right in the centre of her. As Skarmory stumbles Charmander tries to score a hit with his Corsola spine but Skarmory flicks it away with her beak. Pikachu tells Pichu to take the item from the treasure bag she is holding and throw it into the air, she does so and Pikachu kicks it over to Squirtle who catches it in his mouth and eats it.

Skarmory is about to hit Squirtle head on with a Tackle attack but Squirtle dashes off to the side with blistering speed. Squirtle starts bouncing around the area, moving faster and faster, the Quick Seed that Pikachu gave to Squirtle makes him be able to move with super speed. When the time is right Squirtle throws his Corsola spine and scores a direct hit on Skarmory. Charmander, Chikorita and Squirtle all attack with Flamethrower, Razor Leaf and Bubble respectively, but instead of Bubble, Water Gun comes out, which finishes off Skarmory.

Team Go-Getters free Pichu and Pikachu, Skarmory gets up and cannot remember a thing. Now they have completed their task they strike a pose after their first success. Pelipper flies over head with lots of tasks for Rescue Teams, and off they run to the Post Office to collect their next task.

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out Of The Gate

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Squirtle joins the Team Go-Getters
Team Go-Getters succeed in their First Mission. Rescuing Pikachu
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