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Heading towards Shalour City, Ash & Co. encounter an Ursaring bullying various other Pokémon in a forest. However, as they go to stop it, a Hawlucha comes out of nowhere to defend the other Pokémon. Ash is impressed by the Hawlucha's attitude in using cool moves with the intent of making the battle look good, so decides to help it train to perfect the move, Flying Press. However, during training, some Pokémon attack them...

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838: The Forest Champion

838: The Forest Champion! Enter Hawlucha!!



Pikachu Froakie Hawlucha
Pidgey Nidoran♂ Poliwrath Machop Machamp Weepinbell Sentret Marill Hoppip Heracross Ursaring Swinub Zigzagoon Makuhita Staravia Pachirisu Croagunk Patrat Watchog Gurdurr Conkeldurr Throh Sawk Mienfoo Mienshao Bunnelby Hawlucha

Ash captures a Hawlucha
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