Name Type Cat. PP Att. Acc. Effect
Autotomize 15 -- -- The user sheds part of its body to make itself lighter and sharply raise its Speed stat.
Bullet Punch 30 40 100 The user strikes the target with tough punches as fast as bullets. This move always goes first.
Doom Desire 5 140 100 Two turns after this move is used, the user blasts the target with a concentrated bundle of light.
Flash Cannon 10 80 100 The user gathers all its light energy and releases it at once. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.
Gear Grind 15 50 85 The user attacks by throwing two steel gears at its target.
Gyro Ball 5 -- 100 The user tackles the target with a high-speed spin. The slower the user, the greater the damage.
Heavy Slam 10 -- 100 The user slams into the target with its heavy body. The more the user outweighs the target, the greater its damage.
Iron Defense 15 -- -- The user hardens its body's surface like iron, sharply raising its Defense stat.
Iron Head 15 80 100 The user slams the target with its steel-hard head. It may also make the target flinch.
Iron Tail 15 100 75 The target is slammed with a steel-hard tail. It may also lower the target's Defense stat.
Magnet Bomb 20 60 -- The user launches steel bombs that stick to the target. This attack will not miss.
Metal Burst 10 -- 100 The user retaliates with much greater power against the target that last inflicted damage on it.
Metal Claw 35 50 95 The target is raked with steel claws. It may also raise the user's Attack stat.
Metal Sound 40 -- 85 A horrible sound like scraping metal harshly reduces the target's Sp. Def stat.
Meteor Mash 10 100 85 The target is hit with a hard punch fired like a meteor. It may also raise the user's Attack.
Mirror Shot 10 65 85 The user looses a flash of energy at the target from its polished body. It may also lower the target's accuracy.
Shift Gear 10 -- -- The user rotates its gears, raising its Attack and sharply raising its Speed.
Steel Wing 25 70 90 The target is hit with wings of steel. It may also raise the user's Defense stat.