Pokémon Dash as a racing game has many stages, we have seen them including deserts, glacias and paths. Here you will eventually find a run down of all the courses andd cups but for the time being we'll have general information on how the courses work

You have to race between each checkpoint (there are many) and try to become 1st in the race. You need to go through all checkpoints before getting to the final goal

Firstly, the path is the clearest way to go with no obstacles. Next the long grass which can slow your Pokémon down.

Next is travelling on the ice, while doing so, when your Pokémon stops, it slides a little before actually stopping which could cause some problems

After that is travelling over water...if it's shallow water you may be able to walk over it but if it's deeper, you should be able to ride a Lapras or other Water Pokémon across to it

Next would be flying in a way, you get to a pack of Balloons and it'll take you high you have to line up with the area on the top screen and try to get it on the checkpoint...if you land on the actual checkpoint you'll get points...if you don't you are stunned for an extremely short time

When more obstacles are found they'll be added here

Green Cup

PikaPika Course

This course contains many obstacles; grass, sand, flying & paths. We'll have a map when it comes out

Mankey's Footprint

This course is in the shape of a Mankey's footprint

Pikachu's Island

This is Pikachu's Island, an Island which has bits shaped like a Pikachu

Gameboy Pokémon Courses

If you play Pokémon Dash with Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, LeafGreen or Emerald plugged into the GBA slot on the DS, you get a choice of using one of your Party Pokémon as a course to race on. On the top screen is your party and on the bottom you pick one to race on. They end up looking like this and so on for all the Stages:

. With this much variety (416 different Pokémon, the 386...the other 27 Unown forms and the other Deoxys), you wont get bored with the levels

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