Dream Radar Level Up

As you play through the game, you will obtain various Dream Orbs, found within clouds. These orbs are essentially a currency and can be used in exchange for powering up your capture device. These powerups all run on a scale and so require you to plan ahead if you wish to capture more Pokémon. The powerups are as follows

Level 2Stronger Beam100 Orbs
Level 3Stronger Beam500 Orbs
Level 4Stronger Beam1000 Orbs
Level 5Stronger Beam1500 Orbs
Energy Pack
Level 2Time limit increased to 150100 Orbs
Level 3Time limit increased to 180500 Orbs
Level 4Time limit increased to 2101000 Orbs
Level 5Time limit increased to 2401500 Orbs
Level 2Maximum of 15 Clouds100 Orbs
Level 3Maximum of 20 Clouds500 Orbs
Level 4Maximum of 25 Clouds1000 Orbs
Level 5Maximum of 30 Clouds1500 Orbs

Support Goods

In addition to that, there are also three powerups you can use. These are all consumable so the price doesn't increase, but they can be used by tapping the touch-screen when against a Pokémon/item

Vortex ChargeMakes the Pokémon stay close to you100 Orbs
Tangling FilterSlows the Pokémon down for a short while50 Orbs
Spare EnergyRefills the timer50 Orbs