#255 Torchic
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Prof. Birch/Sapphire's Torchic
Gender Nickname Ability
Female Chic Blaze
Attacks Ember
Prof. Birch gave this Torchic to Sapphire as a starter Pokemon to accompany her on her journey. It evolved into a Combusken after intensive training at the Granite Cave.
# Chapter Notes
182 VS. Mightyena
183 VS. Torchic
184 VS. Dustox
188 VS. Lombre
189 VS. Ludicolo
190 VS. Nosepass (Part 1)
194 VS. Mawile
195 VS. Makuhita
259 VS. Rayquaza II Flashback
320 VS Vileplume II Flashback

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