#385 Jirachi
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Serene Grace Guile Hideout
Attacks Doom Desire, Wish
Jirachi awakened from its 1000-year sleep during the opening of the Hoenn Battle Frontier, and was sought after by both Emerald and the evil Guile Hideout. Unfortunately, Guile Hideout captured Jirachi at the end, and used it to create a monster Kyogre to flood the Frontier. After Emerald came to terms with his true feelings, he fulfilled Prof Oak’s task upon him and wished upon Jirachi to successfully revive the petrified Dex Holders. Later, after Jirachi fulfilled Scott’s wish to bring more visitors to the Frontier, it returned to its slumber.
# Chapter Notes
310 VS Shuckle
311 VS Dusclops
313 VS Regice
314 VS Smeargle
315 VS Surskit I
316 VS Surskit II
318 VS Shedinja II
319 VS Vileplume I
323 VS Charizard I
324 VS Charizard II
325 VS Starmie
326 VS Lapras
328 The Final Battle I
329 The Final Battle II
330 The Final Battle III
333 The Final Battle VI
334 The Final Battle VII
335 The Final Battle VIII
337 Epilogue
450 VS Hitmonchan Flashback

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