Phases - Jax Jones

Release Date:

October 15th 2021
Distributor: Capitol Records

This song is the an original song for P25 Music and was released by Jax Jones. It was released on launch day and arranged by Jax Jones while being sung by Sinead Harnett

Phases - Pokémon 25

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Verse 1:
Spent a thousand nights to find you
To refine you
Did you know x3
I opened up the sky to leave you
But It leads to
Nothing ever changing

City to city and you're the sound in my head
One day we're fighting then I take back what I said
You're the best thing to happen, something I'm not losing yet
Think I'm good for you 3x

I've been going through
Phases with you
Dazed and confused

Give it up, I gotta face it
Give it up, it's still you
Give it up, I gotta face it
Think I'm good for you 3x

I've been going through phases with you
Dazed and confused
Think I'm good for you 3x

Verse 2
Crossing every river to reach you
and to teach you
Did you know x3

I fought through the tall grass to see you
To be near to you
Oh we're always changin


Producer, Co- Producer, Associated Performer, Programming: Cass Lowe
Producer, Associated Performer, Programming: Jax Jones
Producer, Additional Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Associated Performer, Programming: Mark Ralph
Associated Performer, Vocals: Sinead Harnett
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Dale Becker
Composer Lyricist: Cass Lowe
Composer Lyricist: Cleo Tighe
Composer Lyricist: Janée Bennett
Composer Lyricist: Timucin Lam