Rank is a very important thing for rescue forces. You start out as the Normal Rank, but whenever you complete a mission, rescue points will be given to you, and your rank goes up when the points accumulates.
  • Missions in the E category give you 5 points
  • D 10 to 20 points
  • C 40 to 60
  • B 80 to 100
  • A 150 to 200
  • S 300 to 400
  • * 700 to 1500.
  • Pic: Name: Rescue Points Required:
    Normal Rank 0 Rescue Points
    Bronze Rank 50 Rescue Points
    Silver Rank 500 Rescue Points
    Gold Rank 1500 Rescue Points
    Platinum Rank 3000 Rescue Points
    Diamond Rank 7500 Rescue Points
    Lucario Rank 15000 Rescue Points

    When you've achieved the Lucario Rank, you will be rewarded a Lucario statue to put outside you headquarters. The higher the rank you are, the easier it will be for you to befriend wild Pokémon at the dungeons, especially the legendaries.

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