In the later dungeons, the difficulty is increased by the existence of traps, which may affect your stats, inflict damage, and simply mess up with your items. There are a total of 17 traps:

Pic: Name: Effect:
Bug Switch Induces sleep on Pokémon that steps on it
Chestnut Switch Causes spiky chestnuts to fall, inflicts 10 fix damage on the Pokémon that steps on the trap
Drop Hole Pokémon that steps on trap falls to the next floor, other team members will faint even with the Resurrect Seed
Explosion Switch An Electrode explodes to inflict damage on all Pokémon in the immediately surrounding 20 squares. Break walls, and wipe out items
Fan Switch Sends Pokémon blasting against wall in any direction, causes damage unless holding Passthrough Scarf or is a ghost Pokémon
Glue Switch Randomly disables one of the held items or item in bag until you leave the dungeon
Grimer Switch Turns one food item in your bag into a Grimer Food
Imprison Switch Disables one attack until changes floors
Mud Switch Randomly decreases one stat by 1
Poison Sting Switch Induces poison on Pokémon that steps on it
Pokémon Switch Changes the wild Pokémon or items in the same room
Self Destruct Switch A Voltorb self-destructs to inflict damage on all Pokémon in the immediately surrounding 8 squares, also breaking some walls and wiping up items
Skill Drop Trap Reduces one random attack's PP to 0
Slowpoke Switch Slows walking pace of Pokémon that steps on it
Spin Switch Induces confusion on Pokémon that steps on it
Summon Switch Causes several wild Pokémon to appear. Trap disappears afterwards
Warp Trap Warps to another part of the floor

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