Wednesday: Pokémon Duel

17-01-2018 08:38 GMT / 03:38 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon Duel

In The Games Department

Pokémon Duel - Update

The smartphone game, Pokémon Duel, has had a new update. This patch takes it to version 5.0.6 and requires 247MB of space on your mobile device to download. It is required to update in order to play the game
This patch contains various brand new figures. The UX Figures are Nihilego, Mega Mewtwo Y & Mega Mewtwo X,
The EX Figures are Toxapex
The R Figures are Toxicroak
The UC Figures are Mareanie, & Croagunk
Several new Plates have also been added to the store
It also adds the new area, Ultra Space. Here, Pokémon that are Ultra Beasts can move into this space to have extra capabilities.
Also, it now allows for all players to receive the monthly login bonuses for a short time, a special gem sale is on and all players who log in before January 30th get a Deoxys Normal Forme figure.
In addition to this, the balance patches announced yesterday have gone into effect

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