Saturday: Pokémon GO - Shared AR Experience + Pokémon TCG - VMAX Rising

21-12-2019 07:32 GMT / 02:32 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO

Niantic have announced the shared AR feature where players can take pictures with their friends Pokémon in the same spot is now live globally for all players above level 2. This feature requires a well lit area and has you play with other players regardless of phone they use. Niantic put out a short video explaining how it is done


Pokémon Card Game - V MAX Rising

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Pokémon Sword & Shield - TCG Set Release

The Pokémon Company have officially revealed the next expansion set for the Pokémon Sword & Shield TCG. This subset, VMAX Rising, is being released on February 7th 2020 and features a variety of further Galar Pokémon. As such, our card listing and the associated Cardex have been updated with the details of this set.

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