Buddy Pokémon

The Buddy System

The Buddy system is a new feature as of Version 1.7/0.37 where you can select a Pokémon that essentially walks with you. The Pokémon is tracked the same way as Eggs are. You can select your partner Pokémon and it will appear with you in the status screen. Depending on the size, it will either be behind your player, next to it, or even on the player's shoulder.

Shoulder Behind Side Flying Holding

Note: All Pokémon have just one position, except Pikachu. When you walk with a Pikachu, it will start off by your side, but when you hit 10km, it will move to the shoulder

There are sometimes special events that will halve the distance required for each Pokémon. In addition to this, Eevee's evolution into Espeon and Umbreon is contingent on Buddy distance. Reach 10km with Eevee as your buddy and evolve it while it's still your buddy for it to be Espeon in Day or Umbreon at night.

As you walk with the Pokémon, when certain distance milestones are hit, your Pokémon will pick up a Candy that matches its species line. This can be repeated multiple times so you can more easily collect candy of the Pokémon that you may not be able to find easily, allowing for Power Ups and Evolutions

You can swap your Buddy 20 times a day.

Buddy Adventure

As of Version 0.163.0, a huge Buddy System upgrade was added. This puts the system in line with Pokémon Amie, Pokémon Refresh and Pokémon Camp and allows for you to increase your Pokémon's affection through a variety of different things. First, you can play with, pet and feed your Pokémon using the AR+ mode of the game. This will boost its affection and build your friendship. Each day there's a different set of tasks you can do with your Pokémon to increase its affection and when you do, you'll get a couple of bonuses including receiving Candy from walking with it twice as fast.

ActivityPoint BoostMaxAmount a Day
Battle another Trainer while Buddy is on the map13 a day
Battle in a Gym while Buddy is on the map13 a day
Battle in a Raid while Buddy is on the map13 a day
Battle with Giovanni while Buddy is on the map13 a day
Battle with Team GO Rocket Leader while Buddy is on the map13 a day
Battle with a NPC while Buddy is on the map13 a day
Feed13 a day
Open Gifts11 a day
Open Souvenirs11 a day
Pet11 a day
Take a GO Snapshot11 a day
Visit a new PokéStop while Buddy is on the map11 a day
Walk 2km while Buddy is on the map13 a day

Your Pokémon can consume 3 Berries before its full and it drops its hunger by 1 Berry every hour.

Buddy Mood

Your Buddy's mood is dependant upon a variety of factors. This goes up based on the same interactions but drops over time. However, for each 1 point of friendship the Pokémon gets, they get 3 points of emotion. Each of these except Walking and Opening Souvnivers has a 30 minute cooldown so you can't do it constantly to boost emotion

Buddy Happiness LevelPoint Required
Level 11 Point
Level 22 Points
Level 34 Points
Level 48 Points
Level 516 Points
Level 632 Points

When your Pokémon is at maximum happiness, it can do twice the usual activities each day and the distance required to get candy is reduced by 50%. The Pokémon can be instantly brought to maximum by feeding it a Poffin

Your Pokémon's emotion points drop by 1 point every 30 minutes.

Buddy Levels

As you befriend your Pokémon, it will raise levels much like a Friend in the game and as such there are four different levels of friend.

LevelAffection Points NeededEffect
Good Buddy1You buddy appears on the overworld map
Great Buddy70Sometimes will appear in Wild Encounters
May find items
Ultra Buddy150Will sometimes let you know about interesting areas nearby
May find Souvenirs
Best Buddy300Gains Best Buddy Ribbon
CP Boost while assigned as Buddy Pokémon

Walking With Your Buddy

After you are good friends with your Buddy, it can now walk on the map with you. This only lasts for a short amount of time and gives you special boosts to your Pokémon's affection when doing so. This will result in increasing the Pokémon's affection. The duration a Pokémon can be out is determined based on what you feed it. Once your Buddy Pokémon is completely hungry again, it returns to its ball

FoodTime Out
3 Razz, Pinap or Nanab Berry3 Hours
2 Golden Razz or Silver Pinap Berry3 Hours
1 Poffin6 Hours

Buddy Cameos

When you go into a variety of features, when your Buddy is a Great Buddy or higher, you will have a 20% chance of your Buddy coming into the feature. This gives the Pokémon a small chance of appearing in a capture screen. When it does, it will reflect a ball back that the opposing Pokémon has bounced back by attacking.


As you become Ultra Buddy with your Buddy Pokémon, it will sometimes find various Souvenirs. These items have no function in the game but are collected in storage in conjunction with each particular Buddy Pokémon and finding it can boost affection to get your Pokémon closer to being better friends with you.

Beach Glass Catcus Fruit Chalky Stone Flower Fruits Lone Earring
Beach Glass Cactus Fruit Chalky Stone Flower Fruits Lone Earring
Marble Mushroom Pinecone Pretty Leaf Skipping Stone
Marble Mushroom Pinecone Pretty Leaf Skipping Stone
Small Bouquet Stetchy Spring Torn Ticket Tropical Flower Tropical Shell
Small Bouquet Stretchy Spring Torn Ticket Tropical Flower Tropical Shell

Pokémon Candy Drop List