Thursday: Pokémon Sword & Shield Coverage Day 8

21-11-2019 06:00 GMT / 01:00 EST by Serebii

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Pokémon: Sword & Shield Coverage

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Pokémon Sword & Shield Coverage Day 7

Pokémon Sword & Shield have been out for a few days now. As such, our usual discoveries are in progress. If you want to remain unspoiled, do not click the spoiler tag, nor visit the Sword & Shield section until you have your game. Don't worry as blatant spoilers will NOT be on the home page.
Our Sword & Shield page and our Pokédex are all continually being added to
Edit @ 08;17: Created a page for Music Customisation
Edit @ 10:21: Updated the Stats Page to detail all the new moves and items that alter stats
Edit @ 10:44: Updated the Updated Moves Page
Edit @ 12:13: Created a page on Macro Cosmos
Edit @ 12:58: Updated the League Card page
Edit @ 15:46: Updated the Trainer Customisation section with female customisation options
Edit @ 16:25: Updated the Brilliant Aura section with details on Chain Fishing
Edit @ 16:33: Updated the Shiny Pokémon section with final concise information on Shiny hunting and shiny rates. We all inadvertently combined the rates and rarities of Brilliant Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon so we have adjusted accordingly
Edit @ 17:58: Updated the Breeding Mechanics section with more details on passing moves between Pokémon
Edit @ 18:30: Updated the EV Training section
Edit @ 18:40: Updated the Trainer Customisation section with a new customisation option
Edit @ 20:43: Updated the Trainer Customisation section with another new customisation option
Edit @ 21:18: Created a page on Victory Station

Pokémon Masters Event

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Pokémon Masters

The next Training Event for Pokémon Masters is now live. This event is the Water-type Training Event event and features multiple Training Courses all weak to Water-type Pokémon, and a new Sync Pair Scout banner that increases the chance of getting the Sync Pair, Kris & Totodile. This event runs for two weeks until December 4th 2019. We're currently collating all elements of this event in our event section so click the image to go to the page


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Pokémon - POP! Vinyl

Funko has announced the next of its line of POP! Vinyl figures. The next Pokémon related figure is an Eevee and is due for release in North America soon. At present no further details have been announced

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