Tuesday: Pokémon UNITE - Preload + Pokémon Masters EX

20-07-2021 04:04 BST / 23:04 EDT by Serebii

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Edit @ 07:00: Pokémon Masters | Edit @ 09:00: Pokémon Masters EX Event | Edit @ 19:43: Episode Title

Pokémon Unite

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Pokémon UNITE

Ahead of tomorrow's launch of the game, Pokémon UNITE, the game can now be downloaded on the Nintendo Switch eShop for players to get the game ready to play instantly when it goes live. It requires 928MB to download
Edit @ 15:05: Although preloads will unlock at midnight in local time, the game itself will not be playable until 07:00 UTC tomorrow. We will begin our full coverage as soon as it is available

Pokémon Masters - Masters of Land and Sea

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Pokémon Masters

The Summer Superstars Story Event is now live in Pokémon Masters EX. This event runs until August 3rd 2021 and is a repeat of the story from last year where Lyra and Steven try to hold a summer festival
In addition to that, a special Seasonal Scout is now live that reintroduce the Sync Pairs of Steven & Alolan Sandslash & Lyra & Jigglypuff

Pokémon Masters EX

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Pokémon Masters EX

The next event has been announced. This event is the first Sync Pair-Up event and introduces the Sync Pair of Bugsy & Scyther, earned through various stages. It runs from Thursday July 22nd 2021

Pokémon 2019

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Pokémon Journeys - News

A new Episode Title has been released by a Japanese magazine. This episode is due to air on August 20th 2021
Episode 1167: A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!

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