North Exit: Driftveil City

The PWT is an area south of Driftveil City where the Pokémon World Tournament takes place. It has a dock to the south and a cave which gives access to the Relic Passage. It has many stalls within the area which give access to numerous things. The World Tournament itself can either be battled against random trainers or against the various Gym Leaders and Champions of the world. Click here for details.

Move Deleter & Relearner
The Move Deleter and Move Relearner are found iin the stalls that run up to the path to the World Tournament Building. The Move Deleter will remove moves freely, but the Move Relearner charges you one Heart Scale per move.

Move Tutors (Black & White)
In the city, there is a house where a character will teach one of your specific Pokémon one of three moves if they are of a high enough happiness.
Grass Pledge 10 50 100 Does damage. Can be combined with the other Pledge moves
Fire Pledge 10 50 100 Does damage. Can be combined with the other Pledge moves
Water Pledge 10 50 100 Does damage. Can be combined with the other Pledge moves

Flyable to?: Yes

Items - Black 2 & White 2

Rocky HelmetFloor
PP UpFloor
EtherDowsing MCHN
Red ShardGift Lose at PWT
Blue ShardGift Lose at PWT
Yellow ShardGift Lose at PWT
Green ShardGift Lose at PWT

Shops - Black 2 & White 2

Right Counter
Fire Stone3BP
Thunder Stone3BP
Water Stone3BP
Leaf Stone3BP
Scope Lens8BP
Wide Lens8BP
Muscle Band8BP
Wise Glasses8BP
Razor Claw8BP
Razor Fang8BP
Binding Band8BP
Bright Powder12BP
Focus Band12BP
Zoom Lens12BP
Iron Ball12BP
Air Balloon12BP
Power Bracer16BP
Power Belt16BP
Power Lens16BP
Power Band16BP
Power Anklet16BP
Power Weight16BP
Toxic Orb16BP
Flame Orb16BP
White Herb16BP
Power Herb16Bp
Absorb Bulb16BP
Cell Battery16BP
Red Card16BP
Eject Button16BP
Choice Band24BP
Choice Specs24BP
Choice Scarf24BP
Focus Sash24BP
Life Orb24BP
Rare Candy24BP
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