Pokémon World Tournament

Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 introduces a brand new feature never before seen in Pokémon games. While previously, the Unova region was far away from previous regions preventing characters and Pokémon being there, the new games allow for more to return and introduce the special Pokémon World Tournament.

Located south of Driftveil City within the Unova Region, there is a tournament building where you can go to do these battles. The battles seem to be organised by the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia. In it, you will face up against numerous trainers, where if you beat them, you can get to the next round. However, the trainers within the tournament are a bit different to normal trainers.

Like the Battle facilities, these work in Single battles and Double battles as well as potentially other different kinds of battles.

When you first enter, based on the story, it only has one facility open to you. However, more open up over time

Left Hand Tournament

On the left are the standard tournaments. These ones don't have many things special, but do feature a variety of trainers and challenges in order to earn Battle Points.

Driftveil TournamentAll Pokémon are Level 25. Most trainers have doublesBeginning
Rental TournamentPlay using rental PokémonDefeat Driftveil Tournament
Mix TournamentAll Pokémon at Level 50, can switch a Pokémon with your opponent before combatDefeat Driftveil Tournament
Download TournamentPlay various tournaments downlosded from Nintendo WiFi ConnectionDefeat Driftveil Tournament
Each of these is rebattleable at will and offer an increase in Battle Points as you progress.

Right Hand Tournament

The right hand tournament is where things start to get interesting. This is a legacy tournament and features various challenges from a variety of trainers. They unlock as you get further through them, and provide a significant challenge. These battles can be done in Single, Double, Triple or Rotation and repeated at will.

Unova Leaders TournamentBattle the Unova Gym LeadersDefeat Elite Four
Kanto Leaders TournamentBattle the Kanto Gym LeadersDefeat Unova Leaders
Johto Leaders TournamentBattle the Johto Gym LeadersDefeat Unova Leaders
Hoenn Leaders TournamentBattle the Hoenn Gym LeadersDefeat Unova Leaders
Sinnoh Leaders TournamentBattle the Sinnoh Gym LeadersDefeat Unova Leaders
World Leaders TournamentBattle against Gym Leaders from all regionsDefeat all above tournaments
Champions TournamentBattle against the Champions of the regionsDefeat World Leaders 10 times
Rental Masters TournamentPlay using rental PokémonDefeat Rental Tournament & World Leaders
Mix Master TournamentAll Pokémon at Level 50, can switch a Pokémon with your opponent before combatDefeat Mix Tournament and World Leaders
Type Expert TournamentPlay various tournaments focusing on a single typeDefeat Driftveil Tournament, Rental Tournament, Mix Tournament

Each tournament has got their own collection of trainers to battle, with some tournaments only having a handful of trainers that can actually be battled with the rest seen in the tournament being guaranteed to not pass through the first round. Use the drop down menu to navigate the trainer listings for each tournament

Pokémon World Tournament - Shops

As you battle through the PWT, you will earn Battle Points, just like in the Battle Subway. Like the Battle Subway, it has a store which sells various rare items repeatedly for these Battle Points. On the left are TMs and on the right are the items.

Right Counter
Fire Stone3BP
Water Stone3BP
Leaf Stone3BP
Scope Lens8BP
Wide Lens8BP
Muscle Band8BP
Wise Glasses8BP
Razor Claw8BP
Razor Fang8BP
Binding Band8BP
Focus Band12BP
Zoom Lens12BP
Iron Ball12BP
Air Balloon12BP
Power Bracer16BP
Power Belt16BP
Power Lens16BP
Power Band16BP
Power Anklet16BP
Power Weight16BP
Toxic Orb16BP
Flame Orb16BP
White Herb16BP
Power Herb16Bp
Absorb Bulb16BP
Cell Battery16BP
Red Card16BP
Eject Button16BP
Choice Band24BP
Choice Specs24BP
Choice Scarf24BP
Focus Sash24BP
Life Orb24BP
Rare Candy24BP
Left Counter
  TM17 - Protect6BP
  TM20 - Safeguard6BP
  TM32 - Double Team6BP
  TM59 - Incinerate6BP
  TM31 - Brick Break12BP
  TM79 - Frost Breath12BP
  TM89 - U-turn12BP
  TM10 - Hidden Power18BP
  TM23 - Smack Down18BP
  TM48 - Round18BP
  TM75 - Swords Dance18BP
  TM87 - Swagger18BP
  TM34 - Sludge Wave24BP
  TM51 - Ally Switch24BP
  TM60 - Quash24BP
  TM64 - Explosion24BP
  TM77 - Psych Up24BP