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When making your team, it is good to try and limit your type weaknesses as much as possible. Types like electric & normal with only one weakness are good to have, especially ground & fighting being highly scout able. When making your team, it helps to have a hazer, and an aromatherapist/healbeller wouldn’t hurt you either but are not necessary, a hazer/psuedo-hazer is though; it is like making any other competitive team. Now for people who enjoy easy wins, I would recommend a team along the lines of the following example...

Latios/Latias @ Shell Bell (modest nature)
Calm mind
Dragon claw

Zangoose @ Chesto Berry (adamant nature)
Crush claw
Swords dance
Shadow ball/brick break

Weezing @ Leftovers (adamant nature)
Sludge bomb
Fire blast/shadow ball

I recommended these 3 for an example, I could point out this team is very well rounded, since you only have 3 you must try and make them well rounded, I combined a great physical attacker, a great special attacker & a hazer/exploder. Latios/Latias set is calm mind, recover, dragon claw, surf this is very helpful for the battle tower, as NO pokemon out of all 386 resists both dragon & water, and calm mind boosts both of those attacks, it is very helpful for getting 100 victories so you an get the gold shield. Zangoose can be replaced with slaking/vigoroth/sandslash/rhydon any good physical attacker, this is an example so if you cant get Zangoose you could use a number of others, he is just filling a physical attacker position, and becomes quite the threat with swords dance, and crush claw is very helpful in the battle tower, it can make the difference between a win and a loss lowering the opponents defense also influences switch, shadow ball is for ghosts who avoid crush claw. Weezing is the hazer in this example, if your opponent tries to calm mind itself, bring in Weezing, Weezing is a very well rounded hazer with massive defenses, and only one weakness (psychic) and explosion is very helpful in the battle tower, take out there strongest pokemon if it is sent out against weezing, I like fire blast for steels they may bring out, you don t have to put any effort points into weezings special attack for it to be useful either. That is a team example of something to use, coincidentally it is the team I got my 100 straight wins in the tower with, on my first attempt, I hope it can bring you the same help. Also remember sleep talkers are quite effective, torkoal & wailord for example. Staying power (how long a pokemon can stay in battle) is also very important, putting a chesto berry on someone with rest, and pokemon with recover/moonlight etc. is also very important, and so is depleting your opponents staying power, which is why I included stat boosting moves and an exploder in the example... as explosion will usually KO most about everything that doesn t resist it, use wisely.

Recommended Battle Tower hold Items:

Quick Claw

Increases chances of attacking first

Rustboro City/ Wild Pokemon


Restores HP gradually during battle

Battle Tower

King s Rock

May cause flinching when opponent is hit

Mossdeep City/ Wild Hariyama

Shell Bell

Restores HP by 1/8 of damage to opponent

Shoal Cave

Sitrus Berry

Restores 30 HP when it s half or lower

Lilycove City/ Routes 118, 119, 123/ Wild Linoone

Lax Incense

Lowers opponents accuracy; also encourages wobbufet to produce an egg while in the daycare

Mt. Pyre

White Herb

Cures Status Condition

Route 104

Chesto Berry

Cures Sleep Status, effective for teaching a pokemon rest and immediately waking up for a second life

Creating Your own Battle Message:
If you mix records with a friend, that friend could appear in your battle tower as an opponent. The six- phase message you create will carry over with the record, as will your friend s message.

To create your battle message, talk to the boy standing infront of the Battle Tower's PC. Then combine six words or short phrases that you will say at the beginning of each battle.

If you would like to keep track of how well you re doing at the Battle Tower Reception s desk or by looking at the back of your trainer card. The PC on the receptionist s left counter displays your current battle records and you highest battle record. After you have won a battle at the Battle Tower, you can also view your records on the back of your trainer card.

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