The Pokemon Navigator, or PokeNav, is your gadget to make travels in Hoenn a bit easier. It is similar to the PokeGear from Gold and Silver, except the radio has been replaced and some of the features differ slightly. You receive it as a reward for returning the stolen Devon Goods to Mr. Stone in Rustboro City's Devon Corporation office, and unlike the PokeGear it comes equipped with all of its features from the get go (with the exception of Ribbons, as this feature doesn't appear if you don't have a Pokemon with a ribbon).

Hoenn Map

A digitalized map which provides information and a mini-map of each town and city in the Hoenn region. It also shows you the connecting routes, caves, and other landmarks, making it useful if you get lost.


With this application you can look at the contest stats of your Pokemon and how much their sheen is at. This is useful for planning out how many more Pokeblocks of which kind they can still be fed. You have the option of looking at your party Pokemon or searching through all of your Pokemon, PC box and party included.

Trainer's Eyes

Although it replaces the cell phone, you cannot call the players and gym leaders recorded in this list. Instead there is a notification beside their names alerting you when they want a rematch. Gym Leaders cannot be refought and you will only start receiving rematch notifications after you get your fifth badge. The more frequently you show up in a specific trainer's location, the more often they will be prepared for battle. In addition to these features you also can learn fun facts about each trainer's personality and battle style through the notes kept.

Click here for a list of compatible trainers


Look at each of the ribbons your Pokemon has won with this feature. They are divided up by individual Pokemon. For more information on Ribbons, click here <.