E Card Compatibility

The E-Card Reader. Many people speculated it would have something to do with Ruby and Sapphire. However the Japanese E-Reader has no link-port so nobody could get what they are bringing now, at the moment, it is just battle cards but people have guessed that there will be cards to bring the unobtainable Pokémon to life but for now there are just Battle Trainer-E Cards.

To Access this Mystery Event you need to have at least 5 Badges. Go into the Pokémon Center in Petalburg City and speak to the Man next to the PC. He asks you for a 4 Word Profile, so say Mystery Event Is Exciting, and it will unlock Mystery Event at the Start Of the Game

Have the GBA linked up to another GBA with the E-Reader in, Scan the Card and then on the GBA with R/S on, go into Mystery Events and you will access the trainer. He/She is found in the South House in Mossdeep City. It can only be a 3 on 3 battle as, according to the Man who's house it is, the house is falling apart. Here are the cards aswell As The Pokémon on it (Again to take up space):

Gentleman Nils Sableye Plusle Ludicolo
Items Attached: Sitrus Berry Magnet Shell Bell
Attacks: Night Shade
Fake Out
Knock Off
Fake Tears
Quick Attack
Rain Dance
Giga Drain

The Card Given Free With Ruby

Lady Astrid Mawile Minun Shiftry
Items Attached: Sitrus Berry Magnet Leftovers
Attacks: Iron Defense
Vice Grip
Fake Tears
Quick Attack
Sunny Day
Faint Attack

The Card Given Free With Sapphire

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