(This information is from the Osaka Games Festa and may vary from the real game)
This game has a similar opening to the previous games but there are some substancial differences. Here, is how it starts out:

Mishiro Town

After just moving into Mishiro Town you can go around and greet your neighbours...unfortunately, your next-door neighbour, Prof. Odamaki is not there. So you head north to Route 101

Route 101

On Route 101, you find Professor Odamaki being attacked by a wild Pochena

He asks you to help him by getting a ball from his bag and using it to battle this Pochena...choose wisely as this is your starter Pokémon, pick between Kimori, Achamo or Mizugorou:

Once you have beaten the Pochena (It's at Lv. 2...should be a Walkover), Odamaki will take you back to his lab in Mishiro Town and will let you keep your Pokémon as a thank you present. Head back through Route 101 and go to Kotoki Town

Kotoki Town

Kotoki Town is really just a town to pass through. There is a shop and a Pokémon Center here if you need to replenish your Pokémon. Head onto Route 103

Route 103

Here is where you have your first match with your rival. He/She has obtained the Starter Pokémon that is strong against yours so beat him/her (should be easy since you've had experience in battling in Route 101).

Once your rival is beaten, you can head back to Kotoki Town and finally buy some items in the Shop. Head to Route 102 through Kotoki Town

Route 102

Nothing here to do so you just pass through, however there are a few fruit bearing trees here. Just head through to Touka City

Touka City

Theres a Pkmn Center and a Mart in here. Aswell as a gym, however (may just be in this demo), the leader, Mitsuru tells you that you arent experienced enough (may only be in this test version...probably you are in real) So head to Route 104:
Route 104

This is a route on the beach. Not really much to do, expect a lot of Water Pokémon like Kyamome (the seagull) here After strolling through here...you enter the Touka Forest...
Touka Forest

There are loads of Bug Pokémon here among other types, like Viridian Forest, there isnt much to do here, but you do meet a researcher for a certain team (depends on version). Soon afterwards, word travels to you that an organisation has attacked a city...Kanazumi City...so head there...

Thats all that we know of at the moment, expect this to get added to as I delve through the game on release

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