Mission Panels

Mission Panels are a new feature introduced in the arcade game and then brought forward to Pokkén Tournament DX. These panels provide specific challenges to complete in each league. As you complete each of the missions, you will get a special reward. When you complete a panel, it will also unlock another panel within the same league. Behind the panels is special artwork for the

When looking at the mission panel, you have the ability to see your progress towards the specific goal, and if already completed, then the date of its completion. In some panels, you'll be able to get a special Battle Key. This key can be used to complete a segment without actually completing it. However, if you finish an entire panel without having doing that, you will receive 400,000PG. You will also receive a special title for completing the panel.

Mission Panel List

Green League

Total Panels: 2

Task Requirement Reward
Panel 1
Play a battle1100,000PG
Use Grab Attacks16Title: Budding Battle Trainer
Use Counter Attacks35Title: On A New Journey
Call Litten as Support6Title: Wildfire
Call Popplio as Support6Title: Playful Dancer
Obtain Poké Gold220,000Title: New Meetings
Win Battles25Emotion: Duel Phase
Achieve a Perfect Victory1Title: Time Of My Life
Call Emolga as Support6Title: Lightning Strike
Use Synergy Burst25Title: Time To Set Out
Win Battles15Background: Blooming Sunflower
Call Fennekin as Support6Title: Flame Shield
Panel 2
Play a battle1150,000PG
Win battles with Sceptile2Title: Sceptile's Supporter
Win Battles10Emotion: Look both ways!
Win battles with Lucario2Title: Lucario's Buddy
Land Critical Hits45Title: Spring Battle Trainer
Execute Phase Shifts80Title: Summer Wind
Win Battles20Emotion: Field Phase!
Land High-Damage Combo1Title: New Growth!
Win battles with Pikachu2Title: Pikachu's Pal
Collect Synergy Power 3 or more times in a single round15Title: Green Battle Trainer
Win battles with Decidueye2Title: Decidueye's Disciple
Win battles with Gardevoir2Title: Gardevoir's Best Friend

Blue League

Total Panels: 3

Task Requirement Reward
Panel 1
Play a battle1200,000PG
Call Lapras as Support6Title: Charging Waves
Use Counter Attacks30Title: Beach Battle Trainer
Call Frogadier as Support6Title: A Small Blade
Execute Phase Shifts140Title: Blond Battle Trainer
Obtain Poké Gold300,000Title: When Does Summer Start?
Win Battles35Background: Sunset
Regain 180 HP in a single round1Title: Endless Summer Holidays
Call Eevee as Support6Title: Charming Smile
Win Battles in Synergy Burst7Title: Seafaring Battle Trainer
Win Battles25Background: Surfboard
Call Snivy as Support6Title: Green Whirlwind
Panel 2
Play a battle1250,000PG
Win battles with Croagunk2Title: Croagunk Cultist
Call Sylveon as Support12Title: Battle Fairy
Win battles with Garchomp2Title: Garchomp's Friend
Afflict negative status10Title: Rainfall Beats
Achieve 4 star battles13Title: I Heart Sleep
Win Battles20Emotion: Challenger
Win Battles10Emotion: Drink
Win battles with Machamp2Title: Machamp's Chum
Complete a Burst Attack5Title: Trainer In Boots
Win battles with Pikachu Libre2Title: Pikachu Libre's Compadre
Call Croagunk as Support12Title: Toxic Goofball
Panel 3
Play a battle1300,000PG
Call Espeon as Support12Title: Solar Waves
Win battles with Suicune2Title: Suicune's Sidekick
Win Battles10Background: Falling Snowflakes
Win battles with Mewtwo2Title: Mewtwo's Companion
Collect Synergy Power 3 or more times in a single round20Title: Girlfriend is a Battle Trainer
Win Battles20Background: Giant Snowman
Land High-Damage Combo1Title: Prince Battle Trainer
Win battles with Weavile2Title: Weavile's Playmate
Call Umbreon as Support12Title: Lunar Waves
Win battles with Empoleon2Title: Empoleon Expert
Land Critical Hits40Title: Glacial Battle Trainer

Red League

Task Requirement Reward
Panel 1
Play a battle1300,000PG
Call Farfetch'd as Support12Title: Rumored Swordsman
Execute Phase Shifts140Title: All Your Chocolates Are Mine
Call Mismagius as Support12Title: Dark Mage
Obtain Poké Gold420,000Title: Lovely Battle Trainer
Win Battles45Background: Happy Balloon
Achieve a Perfect Victory2Title: Princess Battle Trainer
Win Battles30Emotion: Study Set
Call Electrode as Support12Title: Moment of Explosion
Call Ninetales as Support12Title: Wondrous Blaze
Land Critical Hits100Title: Daydreaming Battle Trainer
Use Grab Attacks32Title: Sweet Battle Trainer
Panel 2
Play a battle1350,000PG
Win battles with Charizard2Title: Charizard's Trusted Pal
Win Battles15Background: Rainbow Wings
Win battles with Braixen2Title: Braixen's Buddy
Call Latios as Support20Title: Graceful Radiance
Achieve 4 star battles13Title: Rainbow Chasing Battle Trainer
Win Battles30Background: Colorful Neon
Collect Synergy Power 3 or more times in a single round15Title: Ice Cream Lover
Call Yveltal as Support20Title: Wings of Destruction
Win battles with Blaziken2Title: Blaziken's Bud
Win Battles in Synergy Burst7Title: Break Out The Shorts
Win battles with Scizor2Title: Scizor's Support
Panel 3
Play a battle1400,000PG
Win battles with Darkrai2Title: Darkrai's Companion
Land High-Damage Combo1Title: Spring Moon Battle Trainer
Win battles with Gengar2Title: One of Gengar's Gang
Call Cresselia as Support20Title: Lunar Protection
Afflict negative status20Title: Harvest Battle Trainer
Win Battles30Background: Electronic Space 2
Complete a Burst Attack8Title: Lunar Battle Trainer
Win battles with Chandelure2Title: Chandelure's Follower
Win Battles15Background: Aura
Call Reshiram as Support20Title: Blue Flare
Win battles with Shadow Mewtwo2Title: Shadow Mewtwo's Buddy

Chroma League

Task Requirement Reward
Panel 1
Play a battle1400,000PG
Win Battles45Emotion: 6-Colored Balloons
Call Magikarp as Support24Title: Splashing King
Call Pachirisu as Support24Title: Bewitching Idol
Obtain Poké Gold420,000Title: Mountaineer Battle Trainer
Win Battles30Emotion: Party Popper
Win Battles in Synergy Burst7Title: Bringing The Heat
Call Cubone as Support24Title: Final Resolutions
Regain 180 HP in a single round1Title: Dancing With Joy
Use Counter Attacks12Title: Status Quo Challenger
Call Diglett as Support24Title: Raging Earth
Execute Phase Shifts160Title: Welcome, Battle Trainer!
Panel 2
Play a battle1350,000PG
Achieve 4 star battles13Title: White Battle Trainer
Call Whimsicott as Support8Title: Cute Prankster
Collect Synergy Power 3 or more times in a single round15Title: Candy! Candy! Candy!
Call Magneton as Support20Title: Cute Prankster
Obtain Poké Gold200,000Title: Costume Enthusiast
Win Battles15Emotion: Angry
Land Critical Hits12Title: Sweets for Breakfast!
Call Jirachi as Support8Title: The Light of Hope
Win Battles in Synergy Burst2Title: Time for some Trickery!
Win Battles30Emotion: Heartbreak
Call Quagsire as Support20Title: Natural Airhead
Panel 3
Play a battle1500,000PG
Call Dragonite as Support8Title: Bearing of Kings
Win Battles15Background: Electronic Space
Call Rotom as Support8Title: Electric Imp
Afflict negative status10Title: Come Rain or Shine
Obtain Poké Gold250,000Title: Surviving Through Winter
Win Battles30Background: Divine Light
Complete a Burst Attack3Title: One With the Wind
Win Consecutive Battles2Title: Winter Battle Trainer
Call Victini as Support8Title: Mark of Victors
Successfully complete Guard Break2Title: White Queen!
Call Togekiss as Support8Title: Affectionate Wind

Iron League

Task Requirement Reward
Panel 1
Play a battle1500,000PG
Win 2 consecutive battles2Title: Autumn Battle Trainer
Win Battles40Background: Surging Lightning
Regain 220 HP in a single round1Title: Hot Baths Rule
Use Synergy Burst55Title: Autumn Battle Trainer
Achieve 4 star battles30Title: Battling Into The Night!
Win Battles55Background: Falling Autumn Leaves
Call Support Pokémon50Title: I Love My Scarf
Execute Phase Shifts110Title: Bitter Battle Trainer
Land High-Damage Combo1Title: Prince Battle Trainer
Obtain Poké Gold520,000Title: Autumn Battles
Land Critical Hits50Title: Redheaded Battle Trainer
Panel 2
Play a battle1600,000PG
Successfully complete Guard Break2Title: Spring Rules!
Win Consecutive Battles3Title: Iron Bride
Collect Synergy Power 3 or more times in a single round15Title: Spring Wind Battle Trainer
Win Consecutive Battles6Title: Harvest Time
Achieve 5 star battles10Title: Out of Your League
Win Battles30Background: Night Blossoms
Call Support Pokémon30Title: Love is Blind
Win Battles15Background: Harvest Festival
Obtain Poké Gold270,000Title: Autumn Battles
Complete a Burst Attack10Title: Rainswept Battle Trainer
Win Battles in Synergy Burst5Title: Food Before Flowers!
Panel 2
Play a battle1700,000PG
Land High-Damage Combo1Title: Enthusiastic Battle Trainer
Win Battles15Background: Nia's Special Chocolate
Regain 220 HP in a single round1Title: Gateway to Success
Achieve 5 star battles12Title: Whatever May Come
Win Battles30Background: Celebratory Fireworks
Afflict negative status12Title: Garlanded Battle Trainer
Win Consecutive Battles5Title: Blossoms in the Wind
Successfully complete Guard Break4Title: Fierce Battle Trainer
Call Support Pokémon7Title: Waiting for Spring
Win Consecutive Battles10Background: Greatest Battle Ever
Collect Synergy Power 3 or more times in a single round10Title: Blossom Battle Trainer