Sirfetch'd, The Wild Duck Pokémon. Only Farfetch'd that have survived many battles can attain this evolution. When this Pokémon's leek withers, it will retire from combat. After deflecting attacks with its hard leaf shield, it strikes back with its sharp leek stalk. The leek stalk is both weapon and food.


Just like a knight in a shining armor coming in to save the day, Game Freak has blessed Farfetch'd with a new evolution that grants it a monstrous base 135 Attack and a new Fighting type that, when coupled with Scrappy, will punch some holes in the opponent's team. However, while Sirfetch'd is very capable of hitting hard, its underwhelming Speed and average bulk holds it back.

Additionally, Sirfetch'd is weak to Flying, Psychic and Fairy which means that Pokemon like Togekiss, Hawlucha and Gyarados will be able to easily force it out. Despite these shortcomings though, Sirfetch'd can really prove its value on a team with the right support.
Base 135 Attack makes Sirfetch'd incredibly threatening as it allows it to hit very hard.
Sirfetch'd has plenty of decent coverage moves which allows it to hit the Pokemon that resist its main STAB like Knock Off, First Impression, Poison Jab and Leaf Blade.
Scrappy is a fantastic ability as it allows Sirfetch'd to hit Ghost types with its STAB Close Combat making it an incredibly spammable STAB.

While its defenses are not bad, its terrible HP stat holds it back meaning that super-effective hits will be able to OHKO Sirfetch'd most of the time.
Base 65 Speed is very slow for a wallbreaker meaning that Sirfetch'd will have to rely on First Impression (which only works on the first turn) against faster opponents.
Sirfetch'd is vulnerable to Fairy, Flying and Psychic which means that Sirfetch'd is vulnerable against faster opponents like Togekiss, Mimikyu, Gyarados and Hawlucha.
Bulky Pokemon like Reuniclus and Toxapex can take hits from Sirfetch'd and the former can threaten it with a super-effective STAB while the latter can switch into it all day and burn it with Scald.



- Close Combat
- Knock Off
- Poison Jab
- First Impression / Brave Bird
Item Attached: Choice Band
Ability: Scrappy
EVs and Nature:
232 HP / 252 Atk / 24 Spe
Adamant Nature

Close Combat is themost reliable STAB Sirfetch'd could ask for. Thanks to Scrappy, it is able to hit Ghost types and it becomes quite a very spammable move to use with its only drawback being 8 PP. Knock Off allows Sirfetch'd to hit Psychic types like Reuniclus decently hard while removing the opponent's item, which is pretty important as Pokemon like Galarian Corsola have to think twice before switching into Sirfecth'd. Poison Jab is what allows Sirfecth'd to completely destroy Fairy types like Clefable and Togekiss on the switch-in. Finally, First Impression is the last move used to grant Sirfetch'd a decent priority move with good power allowing it to bypass its mediocre Speed on the turn it is used. Brave Bird is an option that allows Sirfetch'd to hit Toxapex harder than any of its other moves, but doesn't achieves much other than that.

Choice Band Sirfetch'd will rarely want to use Dynamax unless it is protecting itself from an opponent's sweep and doesn't really gets any benefit from the side effects of its other max moves. Brave Bird deserves a mention for raising Sirfetch'd Speed one stage, but its base Speed is so low that even at +1, Pokemon like Dragapult will still outspeed it.

EV and Item Description:
An Adamant nature with 252 EVs in Attack is required to maximize Sirfetch'd wallbreaking power. 24 Spe EVs are invested so that Sirfetch'd is able to outspeed 0 Speed Corviknight and hit it hard with Close Combat before getting KOed by Brave Bird while 232 EVs are invested in HP for more durability.


Dugtrio: Arena Trap allows Dugtrio to remove one of Sirfetch'd biggest threats which is Toxapex, as it allows it to spam its other moves freely once it is removed.
Ferrothorn: Its ability to set up Spikes and Stealth Rock allows it to set up hazards on the opponent's side of the field, which benefits Sirfetch'd greatly as it will be able to obtain more OHKOs with hazard damage.
Hydreigon: Not only it is immune to Psychic but since both share a common weakness in Fairy, they can overwhelm Pokemon like Togekiss and Clefable with their coverage moves. Hydreigon also appreciates Sirfetch'd's ability to punch holes early game, preparing the opponent for a Nasty Plot sweep.
Rotom-Wash: Its ability to check Gyarados and Togekiss makes it an invaluable partner for Sirfetch'd while it is able to bring it in safely with Volt Switch.
Dragapult: Its fantastic Speed tier allows it to outpace the Pokemon on more offensive teams that will usually be able to hit Sirfetch'd first. It also gets access to U-turn and taking into account Sirfetch'd's resistance to Dark, it becomes a great opportunity to generate momentum for it.


- Swords Dance
- Close Combat
- Brave Bird
- Knock Off / Facade
Item Attached: Life Orb
Ability: Scrappy
EVs and Nature:
252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature

With Swords Dance, Sirfetch'd is able to threaten balanced builds a lot more with the Attack boosts. Close Combat is still Sirfetch'd's most reliable STAB and after a Swords Dance boost, it will be able to pretty much destroy anything that does not resist the move. Brave Bird is the best coverage move to complement its Fighting STAB and after a SD boost it is capable of even 2HKOing Toxapex which is a massive feat taking into account its resistance to Fighting. It also hits Fairy types and Psychic types for strong neutral damage. Once Dynamaxed, it also increases Sirfetch'd's Speed with Max Airstream. Knock Off is a spammable move Sirfetch'd can use mid-game to remove items and cripple the opposition's Pokemon while crippling Galarian Corsola. On the other hand, Facade is an option to turn the tables on status users like Toxapex and Rotom-Heat taking advantage of the burns or poison status it might be afflicted with.

Brave Bird definitely deserves a mention in here as it allows Sirfetch'd to increase its Speed for one stage and allow it to reach 376 Speed after a boost. This is crucial as it allows it to outspeed Pokemon like Dugtrio and Cinderace. With Max Knuckle boosting its Attack even further, Sirfetch'd becomes much more threatening for the opponent as it can snowball the foe quite easily. It's also worth mentioning that similar to Brave Bird, Max Strike lowers the opposition's Speed which is almost the same benefit for Sirfetch'd if running Facade.

EV and Item Description:
Sirfetch'd needs max Attack and Speed to deal as much damage as possible while being able to outspeed opponents, especially if it is able to get Max Airstream speed boosts. A Life Orb is the best item to grant a massive boost to Sirfetch'd's attacks.


Dugtrio: Its ability to trap and remove Toxapex is beneficial to this set as it can open up an slot for Poison Jab.
Ferrothorn: Its ability to set up both Spikes and Stealth Rock allows Sirfetch'd to have an easier time on sweeping the opponent.
Corviknight: Its typing synergizes perfectly well with Sirfetch'd covering its three weaknesses while it is able to remove hazards on your side.
Toxapex: Having Toxic Spikes on the opponent's side of the field is incredibly beneficial for Sirfetch'd as this will weaken dedicated walls like Galarian Corsola in the process if Sirfetch'd forgoes Knock Off on this set.
Hydreigon: Hydreigon is able to defeat the Psychic types Sirfetch'd doesn't wants to go up against and since both share a Fairy weakness, they can pressure their checks to the point of being able to overwhelm them with brute force.
Rotom-Wash: Capable of checking Hawlucha and Gyarados, this Pokemon is also able to bring Sirfetch'd safely with Volt Switch.
Dragapult: Its Speed tier is fantastic allowing to revenge kill offensive threats and with U-turn it can also generate momentum for Sirfetch'd. Dragapult is also able to hit Psychic types with its STAB Shadow Ball.

Other Options

Quick Attack is an option over First Impression since it can be used in more than just the first turn it is in play. However, it's quite weak without STAB and not really worth using it.
Curse is an interesting move Sirfetch'd can attempt on using considering its decent Attack stat. However, its HP and Special Defense are not good enough to make good use of it and its Speed stat is not the ideal one to even use on Trick Room.
Sirfetch'd can use its signature move, Meteor Assault to hit foes even harder than CC. However, the re-charge turn and the fact that its Dynamax form (Max Knuckle 100) is barely stronger than a Dynamaxed Close Combat (Max Knuckle 95), makes it not really worth to take into account.
Sirfetch'd is also the 2nd Fighting type that gets access to Defog and if you can't fit a user of the move, for whatever reason, it can be an option to use. However, Sirfetch'd appreciates getting coverage on whatever it can hit rather than using a support move.

Countering Sirfetch'd

Toxapex is one of the best counters for Sirfetch'd as it is not 2HKO'd even by a Banded Brave Bird and with Regenerator, it can definitely find opportunities to switch into, not minding Knock Off a lot thanks to Regenerator. Take into account that if Sirfetch'd is using Swords Dance, it can get overwhelmed by boosted Brave Birds or Facade. Galarian Corsola does a good job of checking it as well while threatening it with Will-o-Wisp and Strength Sap. However, Galarian Corsola absolutely despises Knock Off as it heavily cripples it.

Fairy types like Togekiss and Clefable are able to tank hits from Sirfetch'd and threaten it with Air Slash or Moonblast. However, they definitely have to be careful on switching into Poison Jab as it will damage them quite badly.

Flying types like Gyarados and Hawlucha are excellent offensive threats capable of threatening it with their STAB Flying Attacks.

Bulky Psychic types like Reuniclus does a great job on checking Sirfetch'd although it takes a big chunk from Knock Off. However, if Reuniclus manages to find an opportunity to recover its HP after having its item removed, it completely walls Sirfetch'd for the rest of the match.

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Max Raid Battles: Dusty Bowl, North Lake Miloch, Stony Wilderness (Sword)
Trade from Sword (Shield)

Animé Appearences

At time of writing, Sirfetch'd has yet to make an appearance in the anime

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