Swampert, The Mud Fish Pokémon. It is very strong. it has enough strength to drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. It also has powerful vision that lets it see even in Murky Water. It predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sound of waves and tidal winds with it's fins. If a storm approaches, it piles up boulders to protect itself. It's arms are so hard that with one swing they can batter down a foe. It nests on beautiful beaches.

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Swampert would have to be this:


HP Flying OR Rock Slide

Items Attached:

Chesto Berry

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Swampert

Swampert is one of the few type combinations that probably works in this pokemon's favour, making it immune to Electric types, a type it would normally be weak to if it were pure water.
Swampert's better stats is its attack, with its other stats, like special attack/special defense/defense being around average.
Curse on this pokemon will allow for some major defense and offensive increase to be gained. Along with Rest and Chesto berry, it can recover any HP lost while using Curse.
Earthquake is for stab purposes and just being an all round good move on a pokemon of this type. I would prefer HP flying on this pokemon due to the fact that its 4x weak to grass, but if you can't get HP flying, Rockslide will be one of the few choices you have.
When it comes to the nature and EV's, maxing out its defense may be a good idea although it leaves him open for a few special attacks, but you could always split the EV's into both defenses or entirely into Special defense.
Swampert has the lowest speed of all three of the Hoenn starters, but in my opinion, the more evenly spread stats out of all of them. Another possible moveset is, Swampert@chesto berry: Rest, Earthquake, Surf, Ice beam, although unoriginal.

EV Corner:

Max out the EVs in HP & Defense for Swampert with any remaining in Attack

Strategy Against Swampert

Swampert' Defenses are equal and above average so a Grass Volley should work wonders.

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Swampert would have to be this for the Tough Contest best with Impish, Lax, Relaxed or Bold Nature:


Rain Dance
Rock Slide

Items Attached:

Yellow Scarf

Strategy Using Swampert

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Rain dance, 2nd - Surf, 3rd - Earthquake, 4th - Rock slide, 5th - Earthquake

Locations in Games


Evolve Marshtomp


Trade from R/S/E

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Trade from R/S/E

Animé Appearences

Swampert has made a couple of Appearences in the Anime. First Tommy lost his as a Marshtomp on the Abandoned Ship and came to retrieve it as it was attacking others. After that it was used in a contest against Ayane:

Episode 308: Abandon Ship!!
Episode 336: Skitty & Delcatty! Enter the Legendary Pokémon Co-Ordinator!

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