Mission 3: Loads of Grimers

Underground Waterways:
In this mission, you head down to the Underground Waterways, which entrance is previously blocked by a man just opposite the plushie house where you find one Skitty. Inside the waterways, you will see piles of green sludge on the ground. Walk into it, and several Grimers will appear, which all you must capture. There will be plenty of sludge piles along your way, so this task takes a while.

One of the roads will be blocked by a small gate, and the only way to get around it is to get help from a Raticate, which will be found at the very end of the alternate clear path you can travel on. There will be a room full of Koffings in between though, which will poison you to make you walk slower, and make you skip and fall to the lower floor every now and then.

Once you can get into that path previously blocked by the gate, keep venturing along the water pipes, and you will soon catch up with Aria, who again isn't too pleased with your presence. At one point, you will need the capture the Tangela to cross the waters, after which you will see your final sludge pile, containing a Muk in addition to the Grimers. Capture them, and head back to the Ranger Base. This third mission is complete, and your rank goes up to 4, enabling the Bug and Ground pokemon assist.

Joe will suggest you visit Summer Land next, and you head down to the harbour again. There will be a Krabby causing trouble. Capture it, and the guy owning the Lapras will let you use his Lapras to surf. Embark on Lapras, and you will arrive at Summer Land.

Summer Land:
Right at the harbour of Summer Land, you can see MC Fisher, who allows you to play the Sea Capture Challenge with Lapras. Once you get to the Ranger Base, you will meet the carefree Summer Land Leader Kamuri, and his Rangers. After you talk some more, one of the Rangers will come in and tell you that his Politoed has been captured by someone else who seem to possess a more powerful Capture Styler than his. Kamuri then bestows you the fourth mission.

Mission 4: Where Is Politoed?

In this mission, go up to the Olive Forest to the north, and you will face many Team Go-Go members in addition to the wild pokemon. They all attack you with pokemon which you deal with by capturing them. The first Team Go-Go member will have 3 Wurmples, and the next one 2 Ekans.

When you arrive at the swamp full of Lotads, find the Heracross on the cliff just above it, capture it, and it helps you tackle down a tree on the east. Cross the waters, and you will fight another Team Go-Go member with 2 Mankeys and a Primeape.

Next, head north again til you climb up the hillside and arrive at the entrance of the Jungle Ruins. Inside, you will fight the Team Go-Go member who has snatched Politoed. Capture Politoed yourself, and you're done here. You will also encounter the 4 Team Go-Go admins here for the first time, but neither of them will fight you. Head back to the Ranger Base, and have your rank upgraded to 5, enabling you to use the Rock type pokemon assist.

Your work here at Summer Land is complete for the moment, and you will soon receive mail from Hayate, telling you to head to Fall City once more. Embark on Lapras, and head back to Fall City. After you do so, you'll be given the mission to clear up the obstructed path in the Croca Tunnel, so that's where you're heading.

Mission 5: Clear The Fallen Boulders!

Croca Tunnel:
When you enter, Aria will clear one of the boulders with a Hariyama. What you do is basically the same, find some Hariyamas to do the clearing for you. However, Team Go-Go will be at the tunnel because they believe that there is a legendary pokemon there. The first Team Go-Go member you fight will have 3 Geodudes, and the second 3 Snubbulls. After that, you will find a room full of Zubats. Continue north and there is a small cave which you enter to find 3 Hariyama. Capture them and keep moving on. Two more Team Go-Go members will fight you, one with a Corphish and Crawdaunt, and the other with 3 Zubats. Defeat them all, then clear the boulders with the Hariyamas.

You will then receive a message from Hayate, telling you to meet him at the Ring Town entrance of the cave. However, once you arrive there, you will be confronted by Mirai, the youngest and only female of the Team Go-Go admins. You have to capture her Camerupt to beat her, and Hayate will arrive to take care of the rest.

Ring Town:
Back at the Ring Town Ranger Base, your completiong of the fifth mission upgrades you to rank 6, enabling you to use the Flying type pokemon assist. Afterwards, you will receive you sixth mission from Hayate.

Mission 6: The Lost Old Man

Lila Forest: This mission is done at the Lila Forest, and you will meet up with your fellow Ranger at the forest entrance. Before you could venture deep into the forests though, you must help a girl capture her lost Jigglypuff, which should be an easy task. After that, you go back to the road which was blocked by the sleeping Snorlax previously, and it will now be clear for entry. Wander through a place where you see a forest shrine, and you must pass through a zone with many Weepinbells, which will sneak up on you to throw you back to the entrance, before you reach the deeper zone of the forest. There, you will see the old man you ought to find, but the man, who's named Ragou, is an odd person who keeps laughing maniacally.

There is an obstruction which must be burnt down, so capture a nearby Quilava to do the job. Since you came to this part of the forest by jumping down a cliff, you cannot backtrack and must keep going to find another way out. There will be trees full of Beedrills along the way, and after passing through a meadow of Pikachus and Hoppips, there are alternate roads to take. Take the top one first, and then the bottom one. Picking the wrong path will take you back to the screen right after the meadow.

Somehow Ragou is upset about a Murkrow that is teasing him, and to complete this mission, you must find a way to capture the Murkrow too. At the very end of the Lila Forest, you will see Murkrow hide up in the trees. Knock it out with a Phanphy, then capture Murkrow, alongside with 4 Spinaraks. This capture can be a bit of a stump if your Styler's level is low. Jump through the bushes, and you will end up at an earlier zone of the Lila Forest where the shrine is.

Ring Town:
Head back to Ring Town to complete the mission, up your rank to 7, and enable the Dark and Ghost pokemon assist. Hayate will tell you to head to Summer Land to join your fellow Ranger, but now that you're at Rank 7, you are qualified to use the Dragonite Bus service. Head up to the second floor to talk to the Dragonite guy, and he will let you try capturing Dragonite to earn its trust. This shouldn't be too difficult, and once you do so, you can travel between locations with Dragonite.

Summer Land:
After Dragonite takes you to Summer Land, you will meet up with your fellow Ranger. Kamuri talks about the 3 legendary tests at the Jungle Ruins, and the two of you decide to head off and investigate. Go through the Olive Jungle to reach the Jungle Ruins, and your fellow Ranger will succeed in finding the trap door to the lower floors.

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