Mission 9: Headquarters Sneak In!

Cycla Mountain Range:
The Cycla Mountain Range is to the north of Wint Town, and Aria will join you on this mission. There are again various Team Go-Go members to fight along your way, one with 6 Seedots, one with 8 Seedots, and one with 7 Seedots and a Nuzleaf. You will find a house after some time, and the man inside will recharge you Styler. Once you get to an area with lots of trees, you will see some Team Go-Go members trying to capture an Altaria, but the Altaria shrouds the whole place with mist, nad the Team Go-Go members give up. You have to capture Altaria though to clear up to mist, and there will be a obstacle needed to be cleared by a Piloswine's tackle ability.

Soon, you will see the same Charizard you fought in the Jungle Ruins, and it is once again causing trouble there, burning down all the trees. You challenge it once again, and it is considerably more difficult to capture this time. If you've got some Poliwhirls with you, it will be easier. This will be your last time challenging a Charizard, so enjoy the experience.

After that, continue north and you will fight another Team Go-Go member with an Aerodactyl and Shelgon. Aria will receive another mission and leave you, and you're on your own again. There's a giant gate leading to the Fiore Temple but it is closed now, so venture west, where you will need to capture 2 Tangelas to help you cross. If you only have one Tangela, you can't make it across all the way. In that case, drop down to the lower level to backtrack once more. You will then arrive at another cliff you must climb, and unfortunately, you must release all the wild pokemon you have recruited at this stage.

Team Go-Go Headquarters:
Enter the headquarters, and you must go through a maze where the floor tiles light up in red in turns. You must never step on a red light or you will set off the alarm and a Team Go-Go member will kick you out. A word of advice is familiarize yourself with the light up pattern first before stepping on them, coz they all have patterns.

As usual, there'll be many Team Go-Go members to fight. The first one has a Ludicolo, Makuhita and Mr. Mime, the second has a Golem and Mankey, the third one 2 Slakoths, the fourth a Swalot and 4 Zubats, the fifth a Scyther, Pinsir and Heracross, and another one with 2 Beldums and a Metang.

Your fellow Ranger will soon appear to join you, and it's time to get to the admins again, only that you have to get a Sneasel to clear the obstacle at the entrance first. There is an Electrabuzz around for you to charge up, and the Metangs can be of some help later on. You first come to a red door where you fight Mirai again, but she has two Camerupts this time. Still, it shouldn't be too much trouble.

After you defeat her, she will run to her brother, and you go through the blue door to fight Youji, this time with a Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking. The white door leads to Yuuki, who has his usual Scizor in addition to 2 Scythers this time. Capture them all, charge up you Styler with Electrabuzz again, and head down to prepare for the final battle here, against the eldest of the Team Go-Go admins, Yarai.

Yarai will challenge you with Larvitar, Pupitar and Tyranitar, and while you may be able to capture Larvitar, the other two are a bit more difficult, especially when they work together. Metang's Psychic pokemon assist may become handy here, and they both get temporarily lifted off the ground. Plusle/Minun's paralyze will help too. Afterwards, Hayate appears, and the headquarters will begin to blow up. The four admins will flee, and you won't fight them again. Mission complete.

Head back to the Wint Town Ranger Base to get yourself to the maximum class, Rank 10, and Plusle/Minun's energy cages should be maximized to 5 now, while you can recruit the maximum number of 7 wild pokemon now. You then take on your tenth mission, and that is to help your leader Hayate solve the crisis at the Fiore Temple.

Mission 10: Fiore Temple

Fiore Temple:
You and your fellow Ranger will travel together to this final mission, and you get to the entrace to the temple through the Cycla Mountain Range again. While you are pondering on how to open the gate, the Charizard you've fought before returns to help you blast it open. There are many wild pokemon out in the open, and some like Donphan may come in handy, but the 2 you must capture are Vaporeon and Jolteon.

Find your way around the ledges to get to both of them, and capture them. When you reach to the farthest end to the north, your fellow Ranger will read the stone plate and trigger three stone platforms. Place Vaporeon on the left and Jolteon on the middle one. The one on the right needs a Flareon, and you find it in the basement which entrance is just a bit south to where the stone platforms are. Go down there, and you will find Flareon at the very end. Capture the Gengars and Espeon here as well, since they might be of help later.

Once you place Flareon on the right platform, the second gate will open, and you go through to reach the temple itself. First, you must go through 3 Team Go-Go members, one with 3 Linoones, one with a Bayleef, Quilava and Crocronaw, and another with a Blaziken and Blastoise. Save, recharge and do whatever you need now because you will be up for you final battle against the Team Go-Go boss, Ragou.

Your fellow Ranger will ask to make sure you are ready before you head on, and once you're there, you'll see that Ragou is using a giant Power Styler, which is developed based on Prof. Shibara's Super Styler, to capture the legendary beasts Entei, Suicune and Raikou. He explains that he will unleash catastrophe over Fiore with the fire, storm and thunder, and will undermine the fame of Rangers by having his Team Go-Go members help people instead.

Ragou laughs at your futile attempts to stop him with Plusle and Minun, and the two electric rabbits are clearly ticked off by that. Ragou starts off by sending Raikou at you, and this beast has powerful thunder bolts firing down from above continously. Patience is the key here. The thunderbolts will disappear after a while, and although new ones appear, the more you try to circle around Raikou, the less likely they will appear. Instead, Raikou will start running around and firing attacks on its own. When you screen is relatively clear of thunderbolts, use Donphan's Ground pokemon assist to quickly capture Raikou. In fact, you don't really need it if you get the timing right, because there will be a certain period of time Raikou won't do anything but simply run around.

Your next opponent is Suicune, and like Raikou, patience is important. Suicune will create clones of itself, which will fire off icebeams simultaneously with the real thing. It creates 2 clones each time, so encircle one of them to kill that off, but not both, as Suicune will create clones again once all the existing ones are gone. Leave one clone on the screen, and grab the right moment to use Plusle/Minun to paralyze it. Both the real and clone Suicune will be immobile, and you can easily capture it. It's important to paralyze it when it is right in the screen though, coz if it's at the edge, you can't capture it. The good news is when you circle around Suicune, not necessarily capture it, will slowly charge up your Styler again, so wait til the energy cages are full, and try another shot.

At this point, Ragou will get really angry, but not as much as Plusle and Minun I guess. The two will hop onto Ragou's Power Styler machine, jump around and cause it to explode. As a result, Ragou loses control over Entei, and the fire beast turns its anger towards Ragou instead. But your fellow Ranger suggests you help out, and you really don't get to choose.

So, Entei, the one most difficult beast to capture. Unlike before, it will erupt multiple volcanoes on the screen, while it surrounds itself with embers. For every successive circle you make on Entei, the embers will go away bit by bit. Try eradicating all of its embers first before really attempting a capture, of you'll risk downing the HP of your styler. Paralyzing Entei after all embers are gone, and preferrably when the volcanoes are out of the way, will help, and so does Vaporeon's water bubble.

Gengars can be quite useful in capturing any one of the beasts, as they more or less disable the pokemon to do any form of attack once they are surrounded. But since there are only 2 Gengars, be sure to save one for Entei.

After that, all three beasts will unite and they depart together. Ragou will be nowhere to be found, and Hayate will arrive to congratulate on your success. What comes after is just a series of animation, explaining that Ragou used to be work together with Prof. Shinbara, but he got tired of being second all the time and thus started Team Go-Go to start trouble. People all over Fiore come to congratulate you outside the Fiore Temple, and you see the end credits roll.

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