Name Type Strength Effect
Arm Thrust ★★ No additional effect
Aura Sphere ★★★ No additional effect
Brick Break ★★★ No additional effect
Bulk Up - Increases the user's Attack & Defense
Circle Throw ★★★ Knocks the opponent back
Close Combat ★★★★★ Lowers user's Defense
Counter - Does damage based on the damage you receive from attacks
Cross Chop ★★★★★ No additional effect
Detect - Prevents the user from being hit by attacks
Double Kick ★★★ No additional effect
Drain Punch ★★★★ Recovers HP based on the damage done to the opponent
Dynamicpunch ★★★★ Confuses opponent
Final Gambit ★★★★★ Reduces user's HP
Focus Blast ★★★★★ May lower opponent's Defense
Focus Punch ★★★★★ No additional effect
Force Palm ★★★ May paralyse the opponent
Hammer Arm ★★★★★ Lowers user's Speed
Hi Jump Kick ★★★★★ No additional effect
Jump Kick ★★★★★ Damages yourself if you miss
Karate Chop ★★★ No additional effect
Low Kick ★★★ Does more damage to heavier opponents
Low Sweep ★★ Lowers opponent's Speed
Mach Punch ★★ No additional effect
Revenge ★★★ Inflicts double damage if the user has just been damaged
Reversal ★★★★ Does more damage the lower your Hit Points
Rock Smash ★★ Lowers opponent's Defense
Rolling Kick ★★★ Causes opponent to Flinch
Sacred Sword ★★★★★ Does damage regardless of opponent's stat changes
Secret Sword ★★★★★ No additional effect
Seismic Toss ★★ Damage varies based on your own strength
Sky Uppercut ★★★★ No additional effect
Storm Throw ★★★ Makes the opponent dizzy
Submission ★★ Slightly damages the user
Superpower ★★★★ Lowers the user's Attack & Defense
Triple Kick ★★★★ No additional effect
Vacuum Wave ★★ No additional effect
Vital Throw ★★ No additional effect
Wake-up Slap ★★ Inflicts double damage if the opponent is asleep

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