As with many Pokémon games, there is a shop in the game. This allows you to spend the in-game currency, PokéDiamonds, on various extras, Balloons for travelling or actually purchasing PokéDiamonds from the Nintendo eShop using actual mony.

Balloon Shop

The main part of the shop you'll access is the Balloon Shop. In the game, you use these Hot Air Balloons to access the various areas in the game. You cannot get to a new area without a specific balloon so you'll need to spend your hard earned PokéDiamonds to get the balloons to access the area.

Balloon Price Adventure Rank Required
Ruby Balloon 20 PokéDiamonds None
Sapphire Balloon 20 PokéDiamonds None
Gold Balloon 30 PokéDiamonds 10+
Silver Balloon 30 PokéDiamonds 10+
Diamond Balloon 50 PokéDiamonds 15+
Pearl Balloon 50 PokéDiamonds 15+
Black Balloon 70 PokéDiamonds 20+
White Balloon 70 PokéDiamonds 20+
Fairy Balloon 90 PokéDiamonds 25+
Dark Balloon 90 PokéDiamonds 25+
Origin Balloon 100 PokéDiamonds 30+
Starlight Balloon 120 PokéDiamonds 35+
Distortion Balloon 140 PokéDiamonds 40+
Plasma Balloon 160 PokéDiamonds 45+
Legend Balloon 200 PokéDiamonds 50+
Lucky Balloon Free 33+
Extras Shop

The second part of the shop is the Extras store. This allows for you to spend your PokéDiamonds, as well as the coins you collect in the game, on various features that boost your in-game stats and provide a variety of perks including allowing for more Pokémon to be held, or make it easier to get Pokémon with special traits and so forth. These features all have multiple levels which increase as you rank up and purchase more. The ones you buy also become trees in the hub.

Item Effect Multiple Levels Currency
Pokémon House Increases the amount of Pokémon you can have by 30 Yes Poké Diamonds
Support Power Allows for you to take a Pokémon with you into other people'#s town through StreetPass & SpotPass Yes P Coins
Casting Power Allows you to replace in-game story characters with Miis you have received No P Coins
Fashion Power Allows for you to change your character's clothes No Poké Diamonds
Attack Tree Boosts the Attack damage inflicted by your Pokémon Yes P Coins
Defense Tree Boosts your Pokémon's Defense Yes P Coins
Vacuum Tree Boosts the range that attracts items to your Pokémon Yes P Coins
Speed Tree Boosts your Pokémon's Speed Yes P Coins
Wobbly Tree Boosts the likelihood that you will make an opponent Pokémon be wobbly Yes Poké Diamonds
Wealthy Tree Boosts the amount of coins obtained by defeating enemies Yes Poké Diamonds
Special Trait Tree Boosts the likelihood that you will obtain a Pokémon with a Trait Yes Poké Diamonds
Clothes Shop

The third part of the shop is one that allows you to spend your coins and PokéDiamonds on various outfits for your Mii to wear. This will be then sent with your Mii via StreetPass and SpotPass and will reflect how your Mii appears in other players games, as well as how it appears.

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Frames & Backgrounds Shop

As you play through the game, you will also be able to purchase backgrounds and frames for you to create pictures with your Mii and your Pokémon in the in-game screenshot feature

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Daily Specials

Once a day, there is a special shop in the shop which allows for you to purchase a variety of items at a discounted price. These items seem to be limited to costumes for your Mii, backgrounds for your photos or frames for your photos. These change each day so keep checking back.

Gifts Shop

The next part of the shop allows for you to receive gifts that you have earned through various challenges with the king. These range from outfits to full buildings to put forth in the courtyard such as the Mega Stone Set

PokéDiamond Shop

As the game is free to download and play, the game provides several payment options to help you speed up the game. The game will allow you to purchase various PokéDiamonds with money on your Nintendo eShop account. If you buy the larger packs, you will get more value for your money. However, you cannot buy a total of more than 3,000 Poké Diamonds. Once you do, the shop is locked out and you can buy the VIP cards to reduce payments for balloons

Jewel Amount Japanese Price US Price UK Price Europe Price
50 PokéDiamonds 80¥ $0.69 Ł0.69 €0.69
100 PokéDiamonds 150¥ $1.29 Ł1.19 €1.29
200 PokéDiamonds 290¥ $2.39 Ł2.19 €2.39
500 PokéDiamonds 700¥ $5.49 Ł4.99 €5.39
1000 PokéDiamonds 1300¥ $9.99 Ł8.99 €9.99
1750 PokéDiamonds 2200¥ $15.99 Ł14.39 €15.99
Japan: April 8th 2015
America: April 8th 2015
Europe: April 8th 2015 Retail
Japan: November 19th 2015
Europe: January 22nd 2016
America: April 29th 2016