Hidden Traits

While many Pokémon receive specific traits when you capture them, there are some Pokémon that have hidden attributes. These attributes are based upon their abilities within the main game and completely revolutionise the way you use the Pokémon. These traits are all passive and do not show up in any part of the game, other than when they are activated.

Only a handful of Pokémon have these hidden attributes, and you cannot change them, but they can be very useful in the decision of what Pokémon to use on certain stages.

Pokémon Listings

No. Pic Name Type Location Ability
Shedinja White Ruins - Area 4
Wonder Guard
Cannot be damaged by moves that aren't Super Effective.
Primal Kyogre Sapphire Sea - Sea of Origin
Primordial Sea
Fire-type moves against this Pokémon do no damage
Primal Groudon Ruby Volcano - Smoldering Caldera
Desolate Land
Water-type moves against this Pokémon do no damage
Mega Rayquaza Legend Terrain - Area 4
Delta Stream
Removes Super Effective damage from moves Super Effective against Flying-type Pokémon
Regigigas Origin Hideaway - Super-Aura Test Lab
Slow Start
Halves Regigigas' Attack & Speed until it has defeated 10 Pokémon on each floor
Japan: April 8th 2015
America: April 8th 2015
Europe: April 8th 2015 Retail
Japan: November 19th 2015
Europe: January 22nd 2016
America: April 29th 2016