Name: Mario

Game Series: Super Mario
First Appearance: Donkey Kong (1981)

Unlock Criteria:

  • Starting Character

3DS Screenshots

Wii U Screenshots

Alternate Costumes

Special Moves

Neutral SpecialFireball

Mario's neutral special is a common Mario move used in many of the main games. Mario shoots out a fireball that travels in the direction you're facing, bouncing off the ground where necessary.

Side SpecialCape

Mario's side move is the cape from Super Mario World. It does minor damage but if used on another character, it will turn them round so they're facing the other way than before. It also has the ability of reflecting projectiles back away from Mario if timed correctly.

Up SpecialSuper Jump Punch

Mario's recovery move is the classic Mario style jump. Mario jumps diagonally with his fist up in the air. If he hits any characters he will inflict some damage and some aesthetic coins will appear for a second to add to the effect.

Down SpecialFLUDD

Returning for the second Super Smash Bros. game, FLUDD is Mario's down special. This special has Mario charge up for a short time and then shoot off a load of undamaging water which will push back any foe it makes contact with.

 Final Smash: Mario Finalé

Mario's Final Smash makes a return from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and is essentially a massive row of fire going out from in front of Mario encompassing the majority of the stage. It pushes the opponents back with it while causing some decent damage before likely sending them off to their doom.

Custom Moves

Coming soon.

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