A brand new feature introduced in the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. is customisation. This allows you to fully customise each character as you see fit. This ranges from giving their stats a boost, to changing their moves completely.

Custom Stats

As you play through the game, you will unlock various Settings which give you specific powers. These powers can be applied to one of your custom characters. Each power will increase one stat while decreasing another in order to gain a sense of balance. Some of the powers even have another bonus such as breaking the Smash Ball.

You can apply three of the powers onto your custom character and then save it. The focus of the character is then shown with an icon based on Attack, Speed, Defense or Balanced.

A list of these powers is to come soon.

Custom Moves

As anyone who has played Smash Bros. before would know, each character has got four special moves to aid it in the fight. These range from moves that do a lot of power, to ones that help in recovery. From this game, you now have two extra options for each custom move. These moves will often be variations of the original move, doing more power or having altered effects, but in some cases, they are different moves entirely

You can set these moves in customisation option and have any combination of the moves as you please in order for the character to match your play style.

These moves require unlocking, and can be unlocked by collecting Settings in Classic Mode, Smash Run, Trophy Smash and more, but you can receive doubles.

Click here for the character database

Saving Your Character

For each character, you have 10 different slots within which you can save your customisations. This allows for you to bring out the right character for any match. These can be selected from the character selection screen if the Customisation option is set to On.

These customisations can be used online, but only when against friends. When you play random players, customisations are set to "Off".

You can also send these customisations between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.

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