Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, like its predecessors, has got a number of modes within which you can use the characters to either get high scores or to defeat opponents. These modes are different to the standard VS mode and the online mode, but provide various different avenues of gameplay which work around the standard Super Smash Bros. Gameplay. This page is to details all the modes that exist in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the standard mode which has always existed in Super Smash Bros. This mode has you go through six different levels, each with different characters to face. When you are on the map, you get to choose between different paths, being able to see who you'll face by the series icon. On the path, you will sometimes find coins and trophies to collect.

There are different variations to the battles:
Standard 1 VS 1 battle
Battle against a metal character
Battle against a giant character
Battle against a group of characters
4 Player battle royale
Battle against a team

At the end of the mode, you will face up against Master Hand, but if you are at difficulty of 6.0 or above, you can take a split route where you can face off Master Hand & Crazy Hand, but after a while, they will turn into a larger boss, Master Core, which has different phases: It can be a Scorpion, a blade, a large human and then a larger clone of yourself.

Asd each stage starts, you will get a roulette. This will provide you with a possibility of getting coins, trophies or settings if you are successful in defeating the enemy. If you lose the matches, then the difficulty will be reduced and you'll lose some of the bonuses that you have received.

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode is another classic mode that has you face off against every character in the game in the order of their conception without dying. There are no stocks in this mode and your damage carries over from battle to battle. In addition to that, the battles aren't just against 3 enemies on one stage but, as you defeat enemies, more will drop down. You can play this mode from the beginning, but it will only feature characters that you have unlocked.

After each match, you will go to the special All-Star Mode resting area. This will tell you the next stage you have to go into, as well as having various items at the disposal to heal you, specifically a Maxim Tomato, a Bottle Fairy and two Heart Containers. You may also find random trophies

1980-1984Flat Zone 2
Boxing Ring
Jungle Japes
Mr. Game & Watch, Pac-man, Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Little Mac
1985-1986Gerudo Valley
Mushroomy Kingdom
Duck Hunt, R.O.B., Princess Peach, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Samus
1986-1990Reset Bomb Forest
Yoshi's Island
Dr. Wily's Lair
Mute City
Pit, Palutena, Mega Man, Marth, Dr. Mario, Yoshi, Captain Falcon
1991-1993Green Hill Zone
Dream Land
Sonic, Kirby, King Dedede, Fox, Falco, Meta Knight
1994-1998Unova Pokémon League
Spirit Train
Ness, Diddy Kong, Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Sheik, Ganondorf
2001-2006Golden Plains
3D Land
Distant Planet
Villager, Olimar, Toon Link, Zero Suit Samus, Ike, Lucario
2007-2013Gaur Plains
Arena Ferox
Rainbow Road
Prism Tower
Rosalina & Luma, Wii Fit Trainer, Shulk, Dark Pit, Robin, Lucina, Greninja
Smash Run

Smash Run is a new mode that is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. This mode puts you into a small dungeon for 5 minutes where you have to go through defeating various enemies, including the Pokémon Gastly, Petilil, Chandelure, Koffing and Cryogonal. When you defeat these enemies, you will get boosts to specific stats: Movement, Jump, Normal, Special, Item throw & Defense. These stats are also lost when you get KO'd. Throughout the stage, you will also find various treasure chests that can give you various customisation items and settings. You can also bring special items into this mode alone using special badges that are unlocked.

There are several events that you will find through various doors in the stage. These events are very short, but can provide various stat boosts and special items if you're successful in completing them.

Once you reach the end of the five minutes, you will then get sent to a final battle. This battle determines the winner and utilises your character with all the special boosts that have been obtained throughout the Smash Run. These matches are varied from battle royales to races. There are as follows:

  • Battle Royale - This is a two minute long match against the three opponents.
  • Stock Battle - This is a match that is determined by stock. Last person standing wins.
  • Stamina Battle - This is a match that has each player have Hit Points. When a player hits 0HP, then they are out of the match. Last person standing wings.
  • Team Battle - This is a match that has you face off against two opponents in a team.
  • Mushroom Brawl - This is a match that only has Super Mushrooms & Poison Mushrooms.
  • Warp Star Brawl - This is a match that only has Warp Stars.
  • Mr. Saturn Brawl - This is a match that only has Mr. Saturn.
  • Explosion Brawl - This is a match that only has explosive items.
  • Reflection Brawl - This is a match that only has every character be able to reflect projectiles.
  • Flower Brawl - This is a match that has each player have a flower on their head, sapping their energy.
  • Big Brawl - This is a match that has each player be giant.
  • Flying Brawl - This is a match that has each player be more susceptible to be blown off the stage.
  • Sudden Death Brawl - This is a match that has each player start with 300%.
  • Climb To The Top - This is a match to see how far you can get to the top. As you get nearer the top, Smart Bombs start dropping to hinder your progress.
  • Race to the Finish - This is a race to the end, with various obstacles in your path. Winner is the first one to the goal.
  • Multiman - This is a match where you face off against multiple Miis. The winner is whoever defeats the most.
  • VS Enemy Corps - This is a match where you face off against multiple Smash Run enemies. The winner is whoever defeats the most.

Street Smash is the special mode of the game which relies on StreetPass. When you pass various people using your Nintendo 3DS, their character data will be sent to your game. Here, you can play a small mini-game where you control a ball of the character on a surface and have to knock the opponents off the stage. You will receive coins for every character you knock off. If you are the last one standing, you will receive coins as well, and maybe even a trophy or equipment.

Like the standard Smash Bros. game, there's numerous features. As you get hit more, you will gain damage which makes you more easier to knock off the stage. You can also defend with a shield and dodge attacks.

Multi-Man Smash

Multi Man Smash makes a return in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. This mode has you face off against multiple Mii at once on the Battlefield stage with the purpose of knocking them off and winning. Most of the time, these are easy to beat and so there are several sub-modes to run this. These modes are as follows

  • 10 Man Smash - This mode has you face off against 10 Miis
  • 100 Man Smash - This mode has you face off against 100 Miis
  • Three Minute Smash - This mode has you face Miis for up to 3 minutes. Stronger characters will come every 25 KOs
  • Rival Smash - This mode has you also play against a CPU player who is also attacking Miis. Your final score is the difference between your score and their score
  • Endless Smash - This mode has you face off against Miis until your character is knocked out
  • Cruel Smash - This mode has you face off against Miis, but these Miis are not easy to knock off the stage
Smash Bomb

Smash Bomb is a variation on the Break the Targets mini-games of past games and has you start to damage a bomb. As soon as you hit it, it weill start counting down, requiring you to launch it before it explodes. When launched, it will head towards the various targets and eventually explode, knocking the infastructure into other targets, getting you points.

You have two attempts at this before the score is fully tallied, and you will occassionally find blocks for various things such as Trophies or Equipment which will need to be destroyed in order for you to get a high score. If you manage to destroy all the targets in the first go, then they will all respawn for your second one.

Home Run Contest

The Home-Run Contest makes a return in this game. As before, you have 10 seconds to damage the Sandbag item that is on the platform with you. If you hit with a powerful enough hit, you will then launch the sandbag forwards. The higher the damage it has received, the further it will go.

The best way to put in the final launch is using the Home-Run Bat, which is provided. A Smash attack with aht will launch the Sandbag pretty far.

Trophy Rush

The final mode is one that is found in the Trophy part of the Collection section. This mode has you pay up to 900 coins to get as much time as possible, up to 2:30, in order to smash blocks to get various items, coins and trophies. When you begin, various wooden boxes, and some brick boxes, will start falling down, requiring you to destroy them. If they reach above the line for 5 seconds, then the platform will collapse so you need to destroy them fast.

As you destroy boxes, a special meter will start to fill up. When this meter fills up, a frenzy will start which causes lots of pentagonal boxes fall down. These boxes either have coins, trophies or settings in, so be sure to destroy them.

From time to time, various other things will fall down. First is the Bonus Block. If you destroy this block, then your frenzy meter will get a big boost. Second, an electric ball will occassionally come downwards, giving you warning with an arrow just beforehand. This will destroy any block it hits, with a lower score, but if it hits you, it will knock you flying. Sometimes, a bomb box will fall down, and will explode after a short time. This will take out various boxes, but will also give you considerable knockback. Finally, a burner will sometimes drop down. This cylindrical block has an end which, after it starts flashing, will send out a quick burst of energy, destroying anything it is aimed at.

Once you are done, you will receive all the coins and items that you have collected, as well as a high score.

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