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After a not so brief narration of all that has happened, Misty screams about a bug pokémon. Ash makes that stupid joke about a "cow-terpie" when they discover a Weedle. Ash tries to call Pikachu to fight, but he's literally sleeping on the job, but Ash is smug with the fact that he has two other pokémon who "give him the respect he deserves." Meanwhile, the Weedle has taken a liking to Misty who freaks out and runs away Ash calls out Pidgeotto and the battle begins. As Misty walks away completely grossed out, a shadowy figure garbed in samurai clothing threatens her with a sword demanding to know if she's from Pallet. She says no and he apologizes and departs, just as Misty realizes that he's going after Ash. As she takes off, we cut back to the fight where Weedle is finally beaten. As Ash is about the catch him, the samurai comes up and asks if he's from Pallet. Ash quickly says yes just as Misty screams to look out behind him. As he does, he sees a sword coming right at him and as the wielder announces himself as Samurai and challenges him to a duel. Ash turns back to the Weedle, but it has already escaped. Ash blames Samurai for losing the pokémon, but Samurai calls Ash dimwitted and clumsy. Thus a battle starts up. Ash sends out Pidgeotto, but it is weak from its fight with Weedle. Samurai sends out Pinsir who easily defeats Pidgeotto with a tackle. Ash then sends out Metapod telling him to harden. Pinsir's claws try to crack Metapod, but instead they break. Samurai calls him back and sends out his very own Metapod. A stalemate of continual hardness results as Pikachu and Misty sunbathe. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is roaming the forest in a cardboard tank which is supposed to protect them from Beedrill stings. Suddenly, the standstill is interrupted as a Beedrill swarm approaches. Samurai realizes that the Weedle that escaped must have called the swarm over and grabs his Metapod and runs. As Ash is bewildered a Beedrill snatches his Metapod. Before he can do anything, they have to run from the swarm. They all hide behind a bush escaping the swarm but only to find themselves in a Kakuna hive. Among them is Ash's Metapod, whom he cries out for. This wakes up the Kakunas who evolve into Beedrills and chase them, once again. They head over to Samurai's cabin and are safe. Samurai scolds at Ash for letting the Weedle go. As Ash tries to defend himself, Samurai reprimands him further by saying that not even a novice would abandon his Metapod. He then goes on to describe how much greater the other threetrainers from Pallet were. They defeated him in "most spectacular battles," which is why he was looking for Ash. But compared to them, Ash is a novice. Ash is silenced and that night as they slept, Ash becomes determined to rescue Metapod. The next morning, he sneaks over to the Kakuna hive, but suddenly Team Rocket shows up, announcing their usual motto. Ash tries to silence them, lest they wake up the Beedrills, but they only shout their slogan louder. The Beedrills wake up and begin to swarm at them, but Ash dives below them so that they attack Team Rocket. Team Rocket tries to use their tank, but it is being eaten by Weedles and they are forced to run. Ash then picks up Metapod saying they he didn't abandon him but Samurai made him leave. However, after tripping on a rock, Ash realizes that he can't make excuses and vows to never leave his pokémon or friends behind. Metapod appreciates the devotion Ash has, when suddenly a Beedrill comes to attack Ash. As Samurai, Misty, and Pikachu come running up to warn Ash, Metapod throws his body at the Beedrill breaking the Beedrill's stinger, but gashing a hole in its shell. Ash is worried that Metapod is hurt, but then suddenly Butterfree emerges. The swarm starts to come back, but Butterfree wants to fight so Ash orders a sleep powder attack that puts them all to sleep. Samurai is impressed with Ash's control over Butterfree that just evolved and has new-found respect for him. They part with a new friendship and rival and a vow to meet and have a most spectacular battle of their own one day. And as for Team Rocket? They tried to disguise themselves as Kakunas so that they won't get stung by the Beedrills, but it didn't work.

004: Challenge Of The Samauri

004: Samauri's Challenge




Pikachu Metapod Butterfree Pidgeotto
Metapod Pinsir
Special/Other Trainers:
Bulbasaur Charmander
Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Spearow

Metapod evolves into Butterfree