Delivery was introduced in February 2022 as a new feature that allows for you to send meals out to other Pokémon. This will take 22 hours for Pelipper to come back and deliver the items. The items you get are random but you can speed it up using Golden Acorns. 3,000 Acorns to speed up 1 dlivery or 30,000 acorns to speed up for 11 deliveries.

When Pelipper gets back, you will receive items as payments for the delivery. These range from experience tarts to getting Pokémon.

With the Pokémon, if you already have the Pokémon you will receive Cookies instead.


Delivery Swap Shop

After you have received all parts of an outfit, or all a Pokémon's cookies, you will instead receive stamps from Pelipper. These can be exchanged for a variety of items including tarts, specifically non-specialty tarts that can be used for any Pokémon. You are limited in the amount you can exchange but they reset every month

Delivery Shop

List of Delivery Rates

Picture Duration
May 18th 2022 - May 27th 2022
May 9th 2022 - May 18th 2022
April 27th - May 9th 2022
April 20th - April 27th 2022
April 11th - April 20th 2022
March 28th 2022 - April 11th 2022
March 18th 2022 - March 28th 2022
March 9th 2022 - March 18th 2022
February 21st 2022 - March 9th 2022