Master Café Mode

After you have completed the Regular Orders, you will have finished the current story and so, in order to allow you to continue to play, the game activates a new mode, Master Café Mode. This mode has you go through the previous orders as before but with different puzzles and obstacles with an increased difficulty

These run until the next Main Order stages are released where they will reset again.

Master Café Mode


As it's a continual thing every time there are new orders added, Master Mode has a few rewards. Every stage has a star amount of 1, 2 or 3 and, for the amount of stars you accrue during it will be exchanged for Master Points

Stars CollectedMaster Points
1-92 Points
10-295 Points
30-5910 Points
60+15 Points
Stars CollectedMaster Points
1-194 Points
20-5910 Points
60-9820 Points
99+30 Points
Master Café Mode

List of Master Mode Reward Exchange

Super Chef Eevee1180 Points
Super Chef Pikachu1180 Points
Super Chef Lucario1500 Points
Refreshing Tart L1050 Points
Sweet Tart L1050 Points
Crispy Tart L1050 Points
Hearty Tart L1050 Points
Skill Plus1020 Points
Megaphone Vertical Maker1020 Points
Megaphone Horizontal Maker1020 Points