One Minute Cooking

One Minute Cooking mode was introduced in April 2022 as a special new event mode. This mode allows for you to use up to 4 different Pokémon at once and gives you one minute to go through the stage to earn the biggest score, with the score giving you a point to rank up in the event. With each Rank Up you will get rewards, with the rewards changing based on the event

One Minute Cooking

Picking Pokémon

Each of the events has a specific speciality theme so you need to pick four Pokémon that match that theme. If they do, then their Speciality Gimmicks will activate in the stage when you create combos with that Pokémon.

Your leader Pokémon determines the special Café Skill that is used during the match so choose your leader wisely.

One Minute Cooking Pokémon Selection


When in the stage, it will go through various phases within the 60 seconds. After you have cleared all the gimmicks on the board, it will move to the next cycle with each cycle acting as a modifier for the score you obtain.

If you keep using your Café Skills, you will activate the Frenzy Bar. When filled, for the short time you will receive bonuses with the scores you obtain, featuring a small increase in the points you receive when making combos or using skills.

One Minute Cooking Pokémon Stage

List of One Minute Cooking Events

Picture Pokémon Duration
Countdown with Flareon June 10th 2024 - June 24th 2024
Psyduck's Summer Party May 27th 2024
Cheering Plusle May 13th 2024 - May 27th 2024
Sneasel's Traditional Hospitality April 26th 2024 - May 12th 2024
Poltchageist's Tea Etiquette April 13th - April 25th 2024
Friendly Chefs from Paldea February 27th - March 14th 2024
Shaymin and the Floral Scent January 11th 2024 - January 22nd 2024
Festive Fidough November 10th - November 21st 2023
Jolteon's Halloween September 26th 2023 - October 18th 2023
Our Baker Greedent September 15th 2023 - September 22nd 2023
Alola, Exeggutor August 21st 2023 - August 3.0th 2023
Mischievous Hoopa July 14th 2023 - July 24th 2023
Cloud-like Cosmog June 23rd 2023 - July 6th 2023
Psyduck's Swim Ring June 13th 2023
Fun with Furret May 26th 2023 - June 5th 2023
Shaymin and the Flower Field April 25th 2023 - May 10th 2023
Rowlet's Petal Pile March 17th - April 1sth 2023
Fluffy Alcremie February 13th - February 27th 2023
Ho-Oh's Return January 30th - February 2023
Visit from Ho-Oh December 28th - January 11th 2023
Palkia's Return December 14th - 28th 2022
Festive Flareon November 9th 2022
Visit from Palkia October 28th - November 9th 2022
Dialga's Return October 11th - October 19th
Chandelure's Happy Halloween October 1st - October 11th
Visit from Dialga September 9th to 21st
Mewtwo's Return August 3rd 2022 - August
Mewtwo's Hunger June 24th 2022 - 2022
One Minute Cooking with Ditto April 11th - 27th 2022