Marshtomp Points Event

Duration: May 1st - 14th 2022

This event was the seventh Point Event in Pokémon Café ReMix and featured earning points to receive Marshtomp.

Special Customers

Special Customers

Pic Name Specialty Skill

Point Rewards

LevelStarsTotal StarsReward
No. 110Infinite Stamina
No. 2302 Vertical Megaphone
No. 350Skill Plus
No. 4802 Crispy Tart M
No. 5120500 Golden Acorns
No. 6210Horizontal Megaphone
No. 73002 Hearty Tart M
No. 8400Leader Bell
No. 94001 Crispy Tart L
No. 10500500 Golden Acorns
No. 115001 Helpers Paw
No. 12500Marshtomp
No. 136001 Hearty Tart L
No. 146003 Marshtomp Cookie
No. 1510001 Vertical Whistle
No. 161000500 Golden Acorns
No. 17100010 Marshtomp Cookie
No. 1810001 Rare Tart L
No. 191000500 Golden Acorns
No. 20100010 Marshtomp Cookie
No. 2115001 Crispy Tart L
No. 2215001 Hearty Tart L
No. 2315001 Rare Tart L
No. 241500Vertical Megaphone
No. 252000Horizontal Megaphone
No. 2620001 Helpers Paw
No. 272000Vertical Whistle
No. 282000Horizontal Whistle
No. 292000Skill Plus
No. 302000Leader Bell